Platinum rings

Wedding rings are the main symbol of a married couple’s union. Gold is still the most popular type of wedding bands, but some couples choose to use Platinum rings instead.

For centuries, married couples used gold wedding rings to symbolize their union. The ancient Romans believed that by giving the bride a gold wedding ring, the man expressed how much he trusted her with his property. Before, only the wives wore these rings, but today, both the husband and the wife wear them on their left ring fingers.

If you are planning your wedding proposal, take time in choosing the ring that can symbolize your intention. Platinum rings are among the top choices for engagement and wedding bands.

Platinum bands are costly

Not all people know that platinum is more rare than gold and silver. In fact, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. They are found in very few places around the world. South Africa produces 80 percent of the world supply. This rarity makes platinum jewelries and items very pricy. While platinum bands are costly, these items hold their value and may even increase over time.

If you think about the maintenance cost of other precious metals, you may realize platinum rings are the better option. For example, a white gold ring can be low-cost, but it requires constant maintenance to retain its beauty and shine. With platinum’s durability, you can have little to no expense on maintenance.

Among the most famous types

Plain rings are among the most famous types available. They are usually non-comfort fit, which means they are thinner than comfort fit rings. These plain rings are not rounded on the inside of the band.

Dome rings are among the most classic options. Often called half-round rings, they come in comfort fit and non-comfort fit. Comfort fit rings are thicker, heavier and have rounded edges on the inside.

You may also get milgrain platinum bands if you want to go for a ring with little details on the edge. Flat rings, on the other hand, are simpler options. Many people also call them pipe fit rings due to its flat and straight top. While they are very simple in form, flat platinum wedding bands are perfect for couples.

Benefits of Platinum rings:


Platinum is one of the purest metals available today. It is a 90-95% pure naturally white metal which never fades or changes color. White and yellow gold are usually mixed with alloys to get the desired color and they also require rhodium plating at regular intervals. The purity of platinum makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin too. The white shine and silky smooth finish of these rings gives it an edge over other metals.


These rings are perfect for everyday wear. The density of this metal protects it from getting weary over time. Even if you wear a platinum ring for 20 years, it will shine the same as when you first wear it.

Hold stones strongly and securely:

Platinum offers the best setting for stones. Its prongs offer the best protection to any stone. It enhances the sparkle and brilliance of Diamonds and other stones.

Requires less maintenance:

These rings can remain the same way for decades. They require very little or no maintenance for many years. You can easily clean them with a gentle brush using a mild solution of soap and warm water.

You may buy your platinum band online. Many online dealers sell different platinum jewelries. This saves you from personally visiting a number of jewelry shops. All you need to do is find a reliable dealer of rings, check out their items, and compare the prices with other online shops.

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