Whenever we are newly decorating or redecorating our bedroom we focus on getting high quality and stylish furniture, this also include wardrobes an essential element of any room. When buying a wardrobe we have to consider what type of style, size and design we want. Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous change in the wardrobes design in London as before they used to be heavy and bulky with dull colors.

wardrobes design London

Styles of Wardrobes

  1. Fitted Wardrobe: This type of wardrobe will get installed directly in your room after measuring the dimensions and size of it. The biggest advantage of this wardrobe is that it will not consume extra space and can be fit into any unappealing corner and portion of the room. These wardrobes can also be adjusted into any abnormal corner of the room according to your dimensions.
  2. Free Standing Wardrobe: As the name suggests they are very sturdy and is placed in the middle of the room. They are the best if you keeping on moving from one place to another as you can take it with you. They are not fixed into the walls of the room.
  3. Built in Wardrobe: This wardrobe is similar to the fitted one. But in this, you have a wide option of designs. The built in wardrobes design in London ranges from colors to the variety of doors and sizes. It will fulfill all of your storage needs as they are already built into the home before you buy it.
  4. Walk In Wardrobe: You can also consider it as a luxurious wardrobe because the whole room is dedicated to it and it provides a massive storage space.  These are also installed before you purchase the house.
  5. Custom Design Wardrobe: This type of wardrobe is made according to your specifications and requirements. You can choose to have any color, style, design and material you like in your wardrobe. But they cost more than the other wardrobes.
  6. Corner Wardrobe: These wardrobes are perfect for your children’s room as they do not need much storage space and can be fit in the corner. They are also a suitable option if you have a smaller area in your house.

Material of the Wardrobe

The most important factor that you need to decide before deciding on the design and style of the wardrobe is the material you want to use.  It mostly depends on the theme and decor of your room. If your room has a modern themed designed then you can go with contemporary style wardrobe. Or you can go with traditional style one if you have rustic style décor.

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