UPVC Fascia boards are used for the garage sheds out of house or even the house itself. It is a kind of a trim for the roof used on houses. It can also use as ledges and sheds. These are the part of gutter system of a house, they protect roof from damp, rain and other harsh elements. They can save your roof from any damage. There are different types of fascia boards including in.

  • V9mm fascia
  • V17mm fascia
  • V9mm ogee fascia
  • V22mm and 25 mm fascia
  • vE22mm Bullnose fascia

V9mm fascia: it provide covering and shape to your house. Three sizes are available for this. 100mm up to 420mm wide and 40mm. there are different Variety available of this type.

Light oak fascia, thick rosewood fascia, thick plain brown fascia, thick black ash fascia, and thick plain black fascia.

V17mm boards: it can be used as a new board or as a replacement for old fascia, no backing timber needed with this type. There are some different kinds of this type.

Thick white fascia, thick mahogany fascia, thick rosewood fascia, thick light oak fascia, thick black ash fascia, thick plain black fascia.

V22mm and 25 mm fascia: this type of fascia board is the best and most popular. You can just utilize thinner boards on gable ends and no backing timber is needed. This used in schools, hospitals, and other industrial buildings.

VE22mm and Bullnose fascia: this is made up of thicker quality boards and used for heavy work.

These boards are made of different materials such as wood, UPVC plastic, and timber. Wood is damaged with the time and weather effect on it, It is not durable. Timber made boards are also damaged with the passage of time, if you want to avoid these problems you must installed the UPVC plastic timber. These are the best quality and cannot damage by the weather. This is hard material and also cheaper than the wood and timber. There are white and black fascia boards available in the market.

Most people think UPVC fascia boards are used for decoration but there are many benefits of these boards.

These boards enhance the beauty of your house, there are a number of designs and variety available you can choose according to your choice. With these boards, you can save your roofs and in case you want to sell your house, due to these boards the condition of your roofs are good and its sale with a good deal.

Fascia boards must be thick enough to provide support to the roof of the house, it can be able to carry the heavy load. UPVC fascia boards are the best product you can choose for your roof, this is durable and long-lasting.  You can choose this according to your home interior. You can mix different colors and available the color you need to want. There are plenty of companies that provide these boards at affordable prices, you can search online and compare different companies and choose a company that offers best quality material at competitive prices.

The GUTTERSHOP offer best quality of fascia boards and other different products that used for enhancing the beauty of the house. We have all kind of fascia boards available in different styles and colors, you can choose according to your requirements.