ultrasound scanner price in Pakistan

Ultrasound scanner price in Pakistan

This is the most significant question among the many doctors and young parents that which is better 3d or 2D ultrasound scanner? Let me clear the question is this article. To understand the difference between, firstly we discuss the history of 2D and 3D ultrasound. The 2D ultrasound machine came the news in 1995 and it was tested by professional scientists as a judgment that it is reliable or not. After that, it was introduced all over the world and it became the necessary device in all hospitals and clinics. Then, 2D ultrasound appeared in 3-dimensional devices in 1989, but unfortunately, 3D technology was not performed well due to low-quality images and it took around half an hour to show the result of one 3D image. While, after more improvement, it was again introduced in 1996.  Form starting day, 3D ultrasound has become more and more widely used in medical centers. Nowadays, hospitals and clinics cannot imagine running their health centers without ultrasound. The recent study shows that ultrasound devices are most demanding in developing countries such as Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan etc. Well, whether it is the big hospital or small clinic, ultrasound devices are the essential part of the medical sectors. Today my topic is all about how these devices work and what do is ultrasound scanner price in Pakistan.

Major usages of Ultrasound-

Ultrasound devices are using in the variety of health centers in which includes; gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology and cancer detection. One of the main benefits of this device is that it helps to observe certain structure without using radiation and it can give results much faster than x-rays or other radiographic techniques. Here, I am highlighting some uses of ultrasound scanners;


  • Use to determine the delivery date, and help to measure the size the of fetus
  • To see the positions of the fetus, it is in the normal head down position or not.
  • To determine the position of the placenta, it is properly developing in the uterus.
  • Use to check out the number of fetuses in the uterus
  • To see the sex of the fetus and determine the baby growth rate
  • Checking whether there is sufficient amount of amniotic fluid cushioning the fetus
  • Even it also use to determine whether the delivery will be normal or not


  • It use to determine the abnormal functions or structures inside of the heart
  • Checking the blood flow over the heart and main blood vessels


  • It use to determine the blood flow to the kidney
  • To check the stones in the kidney and to measure the prostate cancer early. In addition, this device also uses for diagnosis in emergency rooms.

At last,

The ultrasound device is consists of the control unit for focusing, transmitter pulse generator, digital processors a transducer, compensating amplifiers and systems for display. It also uses in different cases such as breast examination, cardiac, urological, gynecological, abdominal and to determine another type of diseases.

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