Serum Albumin Levels

Serum albumin is the protein that is made by the liver. Our liver excretes the protein. The test of the serum albumin levels tests measured how much the quantity of protein is excreted by the liver. If it is normal then the body will do the normal function and do not need the medication. If the liver is not excreting the exact amount of protein then the medications will be needed. It takes the sample of the blood to do the test.

What is serum albumin?

The serum albumin is the protein that is found in the blood plasma. It helps them in maintaining the osmotic pressure that is held between the blood vessels and the tissues. The total serum albumin in the blood plasma is 55 percent of the total blood plasma. In the circulation of the blood the fluid that will take out the from the blood vessels into the tissues and cause the edema. Edema is the swelling in the skin due to excess fluid. In the blood, the lesser amount of blood proteins called the globulins.  Globulins mean to keep the fluid in the blood vessels.

  • The serum albumin is basically the carrier of taking the material that is necessary for control of the blood clotting.
  • Antithrombin:
  • It keeps the clotting enzymes thrombin from heavy working.
  • Heparin cofactors:
  • It is important in the anticlotting action of heparin.
  • In the liver disorder, the albumin level rises or decreases such as the cirrhosis and hepatitis.
  • In the transfusion of the albumin that is used to fight in removing the excess fluid from the skin tissues.
  • The albumin function is taking place in the plant, animals, tissues, egg whites and also in the milk.
  • Serum albumin is heterogeneous for example it contains the fewer proteins than the globulins. It is obtained by the crystalline form. The serum albumin is directly combined with the acidic dyes that are Congo red and methyl orange.
  • With the combination of the bilirubin, yellow bile pigment and fatty acids. It is included in the living organism.
  • Albumin works as the protective colloids and the protein that stabilize the other proteins.
  • The isoelectric point of the serum albumin is Ph 4.7.

Milk proteins:

Milk contains the albumin a-lactalbumin this is the globulin and beta-lacto globulin and phosphoprotein and casein. If we added the acid in the milk then it will precipitates. The watery solution or whey that contains a-lactalbumin and b-lacto globulin. These two has obtained the in crystalline form in bovine milk.

  • The molecular weight is 14,000
  • Lacto globulins molecular weight is 37000.
  • Genetic variation has the capacity to produce the variations in the amino acids that is the composition of the lacto globulin.
  • The composition of amino acid resembles with the egg protein.

The Serum albumin levels:

The serum albumin test is used to check the of the liver and kidney function. The Serum Albumin Levels is 3.4 to 5.4 grams in per deciliter. If it indicates the low level of the albumin it means that it is involved in the disease such as liver disease, inflammation, shock, malnutrition, nephritic syndrome, and Cohn’s disease.

If you have experienced the low serum albumin levels and risk about the liver disease then your doctor will do more tests to clear diagnosis. The diagnosis is made on the urgent basis. The test after the low level of serum albumin the blood can cause the cirrhosis, hepatitis and hepatocellular necrosis.