Whether you want to have new furniture for your new house or replacing old furniture, the question arises from where to buy? Having good quality furniture that matches your taste is not easy to find and is a hectic job. Historically, the sofas were not developed at that time and people used to have benches that used it for sitting. And these benches were mostly made of wood. Among all different type of furniture, finding a good quality and comfortable  Sofa Shop Edinburgh for your living room is the most important one.

So exactly what a customer look for when buying a sofa? The characteristics that a customer looks for on a sofa are good quality which refers to the material that is used in making of the sofa. Secondly, the size which means whether they want a small, medium or large size sofas. The third one is the style and design of the sofa. The fourth characteristic is whether the sofa is comfortable or not. And last but not the least, the price of the sofa, whether it is affordable or not.

These characteristics are very important and one should not buy any sofa that does not have all of these characteristics. As you want a sofa set that is comfortable and bright up your room and not does the opposite. And we also want to make sure that we buy the right side of the sofa so that it does not either congest your room space and cause a lot of obstruction or make it feel and look empty.

Our company named MNM furniture has the sofa sets that contains all of those characteristics mentioned above. We have the best sofa shop in Edinburgh. The material that is used in making sofas are leather, faux leather, vinyl, microfiber, textured cotton, cotton polyester, and nylon. These materials are of high quality that will last long. It also comes in various styles like Chesterfield sofa, cabriole sofa that is wooden carved with lower arms, camelback sofa that has a higher back arched, Lawson sofa that has arms lower than the back and is quite long in length, tuxedo sofa that has higher arms and back, English rolled arm sofa, classic Knole sofa that has adjustable arms, casual Bridgewater sofa, Mid-century modern sofa that has mid square legs, and sectional sofas that usually includes ottomans. So the sofa store in Edinburgh has all these styles of sofas available. The sofas are also available in various colors to match your room color perfectly. So why not visit our sofa store in Edinburgh and give it a look and we guarantee you that you won’t leave the shop empty-handed.


Once you have selected and order your sofa set our company team members will visit your house and will take measurements of the place where you want your sofa to be placed. This is done to make sure that your sofa is fit perfectly into your room space and you don’t have to re-order it again, to save your time and money. We also make blueprints of the sofa according to your taste and requirements, if you didn’t like any of our presently available sofas. We make it from the scratch and the finishing result if amazing and mind-blowing. We will make sure you get exactly what you wish for, nothing more or less.

We also provide matching cushions with our sofa sets, if the customer wants to have it. Apart from sofa set, matching coffee or side tables are also available in different styles and sizes that will go along with your sofa set style and color. So why waste your time in searching for the best sofa sets, just visit our sofa shop in Edinburgh and you will get everything.


Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and will make sure that they are satisfied with our product quality. We offer prices that cater the people belonging to different sections of the society. Our price ranges from cheapest to highest, the most expensive. Our company product demand is increasing rapidly because of the services we offer to our valuable customers. For our regular customers, we offer them special discounts to show appreciation for believing in us. We are there to help our customers in selecting the furniture for their house and will also give advice on what to choose, that will increase the beauty of their house. You can personally visit out the store or can call us to get information about our company and our customer representatives will be glad to assist you.