Plumbers in Bristol

We all know how irritating the dripping sound of water coming from the leaking faucet can become. If you are having a headache at the same time, the sound feels like someone is banging hammer in your head. We try to fix this problem by fixing the faucet but what we do not know that something serious is going on with the pipes. Usually, when pipe corrodes they start leaking but it can turn out to be a disaster for you if you do not fix this problem by calling professional Plumbers in Bristol.

Causes of Leaking Pipes

  1. Renovation and Extension- whenever we get these two things to improve the look of our house this big adjustment often cause the pipes to get disconnected or rupture.
  2. High Water Pressure- water flowing through the pipes at high speed mainly causes the problem of wear and tear and pipes bursting. This usually happens when the direction of the water flow changes suddenly.
  3. In growing Tree, Roots-the main reason for this is the moisture which gets developed when the pipes get cracked. Tree roots are attracted towards the moisture which then becomes a problem for us.
  4. Corrosion- the pipes made of copper material are more vulnerable to getting rusty and corroded.
  5. Changes in Temperature- sudden changes in the temperature from mild to an extreme can cause pipes to break. This problem is more common during the winter season.

Signs of Leaking Pipes

  1. If you hear the sound of running water through your walls or overhead then there is a problem with your pipes. Make sure that your faucets are closed properly and check your toilet; if you still hear the sound then there is a problem.
  2. If you feel spongy and moist underfoot or your flooring starts to get discoloured then it is a sure sign of leakage problem.
  3. Smelling a bad odour inside and outside your pipes, it means your pipes are covered with mould. This is also an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and cause health issues.
  4. If you observe wet patches on your landscape then it clearly indicates a sewer problem.
  5. If you sense the presence of rodents every now and then you have a leakage issue. These creatures have a keen sense of smell and the bad odours attract them instantly.
  6. Sudden changes in the water bills are obvious signs of water leakage issue. Monitor your meter reading after closing all the main supplies and observe the readings.

When to Call the Plumber?

If you observe any of the above mentioned signs then your plumbing system is malfunctioning. Do not ignore it as these signs can turn into a disaster and can cause havoc. It is suggested to get your plumbing system routinely checked by the Advanced Build Concepts licensed Plumbers in Bristol.

These plumbers possess all the latest and modern equipment and will fix your problem within no time.  You should know and realize that your house is at risk if you do not fix the plumbing issue immediately. And prolonging it will make the problem even more complex and will cost more in fixing it.