Moving from one place to another or emptying a property or office at the end of a tenancy is a very hectic and time taking job in itself and on top of everything else one also has to manage the end of tenancy cleaning. When you are cleaning at the end of tenancy make sure to expect a lot of garbage and a ton of things to clean and manage.

Since there is a huge probability that you will already be juggling multiple tasks such as packing, moving, loading and shifting it is an excellent approach to free yourself from the responsibility and hassle of an end of tenancy cleaning. In order to help you with this task, you should approach and hire the services of the professional end of tenancy cleaners.


It might seem like a pretty unusual or new concept, however, the end of tenancy cleaning services providers have been in the market and the business for quite some time now. You can easily look for the companies that provide this service online. Just turn the location services ON and search for the end of tenancy cleaning services providers in your area. The web browser will bring the web pages and official contact information of several service providers in your vicinity.

You can also look for the end of tenancy service providers near companies who provide moving and shifting services. Since both the service providers are relevant they are often in contact with one another and can guide you where to find such companies and service providers. You can also ask your friends and family members. It is likely that they might know of someone they have hired in the past.


As the name indicates, end of tenancy cleaning services comprises of a comprehensive cleaning session which is aimed to clean the house or property for the next residents. This requires time and proper equipment. When you hire these service providers they send a team of experienced experts over to your place. The team will clean everything on the property. They will clean the window panes, scrub the floors and even clean the walls and furniture items that you might be leaving behind. They will move everything and get into every corner or crevice they find to get rid of every piece of dirt and dust. The basic type of services provided by these companies and service providers are the same but some services do vary from one company to another. Some companies may also spray the area to get rid of pests and insects for some extra money.


This is one of the most commonly put forward questions when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning services. Most people assume that it is a very easy task and they can take care of this thing on their own. However, if you think the same you are mistaken. End of tenancy cleaning is supposed to be very detailed and precise.

It is always a good idea to hire help. The service providers are experienced and have great tools and expertise. They know how to deal with certain stains and use special and separate tools and equipment pieces to clean different areas of the property. Moreover, you have to make sure that the end of tenancy cleaning is in accordance with your tenancy contract. So why take all the load on your shoulders when you can hire help and get through this phase easily.