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Whenever you want to purchase a new mobile, than to selling old mobile is the best option. Searching phones through Sell my phone Croydon is becoming more popular among people. A mobile phone is also known as a cell phone in North America. It is a portable telephone that can make calls over a radio frequency link. The radio frequency link establishes a connection to the switching system of a mobile phone operator.

Advanced features in new phones

With the advancement of technology, mobile phone companies introduced new features such as text messaging, MMS, email, Bluetooth, video games, audio video player, digital photography and internet access. With advance features cell phones called smartphones.

Types of mobile phones:

  • Smartphones
  • Feature phones


Smartphones have a number of modern and advanced features. A smartphone is a handheld personal computer and cellular device, operated by a mobile operating system. It is used with an integrated mobile broadband cellular network connection for voice, SMS and internet data communication. Smartphone also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They are come in different sizes, mostly come in pocket size some of them come in a big size that called tablets. They are run on a rechargeable battery.

One of the main and important parts of a smartphone is the screen. Many new models of smartphones such as Galaxy S9 and iPhone x come with the edge to edge display.

Feature phones:

Feature phones have additional functions over and above. This is the basic mobile phone or dumb phone, which is only capable of voice calling and text massaging. These phones have a backlit LCD screen and physical keyboard with more buttons than a basic mobile phone.  It also has a micro USB port, micro SD card slot, camera and voice recorder, and GPS.  They are less expensive than smartphones.

If you board your old mobile phone and want to purchase a new one. You have an option of selling your old mobile and earn money. You can sell your mobile at a reputed mobile shop or some people prefer online stores for selling phones. You can simply search on the internet about sell my phone Croydon and read about the companies policies.

Internet is the best place to sell a phone

The Internet is a big platform where many big and small companies work. Some of the companies are fake choose a company after a lot of research. Find a reputable and trustworthy company and read about their services. Read customers reviews, it is helpful for finding a reputed company. After finding a trustworthy company checks the price list of different mobiles models they offer.

When you mention your desired amount on your cell phone, then send the pics. It is important to provide total information about your mobile phone. After completing the online procedure, they will transfer your money as early as possible. Choose a company that is reputed and insured. They give great prices for phones that are in good condition. Also, pay low but reasonable prices at damaged and smashed screen phones. Some reputed companies pay on the same day. Still there are many people, who ask how to sell my phone Croydon?

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