Today due to increasing incidence of burglary security alarms becomes necessary for residential and commercial buildings. Security alarm system can prevent your home from burglary and reduce the chances of entering an unknown person to your home. Most of the security system placed in doors and windows of your home or office. There are sensors in this type of security Alarm system.  When a door or window open these sensor alarms and detect the movement of the person in the building.

There are many components of security alarm system:

Security alarm system has several essential parts that play an important role in the security of your home.

Door and window alarm:

While the security system is active, when the door and window are opened it sounds alarms.

Sensor motion detector:

When anyone enters the room the sensor detects the motion and starts alarm.

Control panel:

This is a panel where all security system can manage and all the wiring of security system end. It is connected to the phone lines for monitoring the system.


This is used for alarming or de-alarming the system.

Central monitoring system:

This is the place where receive all the alarm signals installed in your home, one person can manage this system and in case of emergency call the police or house owner.

Some more feature is added to the security system depends on your needs and requirement including, smoke detector, glass break detector, cameras that will be monitor outside your home.

Types of the security system:

There are two types of security system that are available, the first type is the perimeter protection alarm system that will alert the owner of the home in case of any problem in the external area of the house. And the second one is spatial protection alarm system reveals the movements indoor the house. Alarm system in-house may not startle burglars but also warn the security services to contact your residence when receiving the signal.

There is floor mat sensor alarm system that will alarm when anybody steps on the mat. Activating of these systems especially in the night will scare off burglars to enter your house. A good thing about these motion sensor is they can be manually adjusted for whatever reason you fit. For example, if you have a pet that is known for walking around your house you can adjust the alarm so that your pet would not trip the alarm.

Security cameras are helpful to find the location inside and outside your home for maximum protection. These cameras will record all the activities and save on your PC you can check any time. This is the way to catch the burglars and can be used as evidence against them.

The prices of security alarm systems depend on your requirements. The more features you want it will be more costly if you want to secure residential and commercial areas you must set a security alarm system in your building. Different types of security system available in the market, you also search online to find the best quality of security system. There is a wide range of security alarms at reasonable prices.

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