Rose Gold hoop earrings

An earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via piercing in the earlobe or other external parts of the ear. Rose gold hoop earrings are very famous among women. Earrings are made of different material such as metal, plastic, glass, stone, beads, wood, bone, gold and diamond. Different designs are available in the market.

Earing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification. In the late 1960s, ear piercing becomes famous among the hippie and gay community. Traditionally, a right side piercing identifies a man as a gay and left side as straight. Both sides piercing is signified as bisexual. By the early 1970s, ear piercing becomes common among women and a big market introduced for earrings.

Multiple piercing is introduced in America in the 1970s. Women start to wear a second set of earing in the earlobe. According to Hindu tradition. Girls and boys get their ear pierced s part of Dharmic rite known as karnavedha before they are five years old.

Types of earrings:

There are different types of earrings available in the market with unique design and material.

  • Stud earrings: stud earrings are visible on the earlobe without a visible point of connection. A stud earring features a gemstone. They come in the form of solitaire diamonds.
  • Rose Gold hoop earrings: These types of earrings are the most famous. They are circular in design and look like a ring. It is often made of metal. A special type of hoop earrings is the sleeper earrings. A circular wire made of gold with the diameter of one centimeter. They are common in Britain in 1960s and 1970s. Gold earrings come in many colors and styles, such as white, rose and white. Rose gold hoop earrings are very famous and give a versatile look.

They are simple and beautiful. They are perfect for all occasions. Here are some tips to consider while choosing hoop earrings. Choose a style of the hoop that match your skin tone. You must know which metal weather, white, gold, rose gold or platinum is suitable for your skin tone. Choose the right size of hoop earrings. Chose oval, or round shape which is available in medium and small size. Oversized hoop earrings not looking good. The standard size is about 1 inch in diameter. Choose earrings according to your lifestyle. Decide you can wear daily or on some special occasions.

  • Drop earrings: a drop earing attached to the earlobe and features gemstone that dangles down from a chain.
  • Dangle earrings: dangled earrings are designed to flow from the bottom of the earlobes. They are available in different lengths. They are attached to the earlobe with a thin wire.
  • Barbell earrings: they come in form of a metal bar with an orb on either end.
  • Huggy earrings: it is the popular style of earrings that snuggly encircled the earlobe. These can come in different sizes and shapes.
  • Ear thread: ear thread is a thin enough to slip into the ear hole. Some people add beads or other materials on to the chain.
  • Ear spikes: these are famous among teenagers and preteen girls. These are made of plastic.

If you are looking for a rose gold hoop earring, so you can go to the jewelry shop and buy hoop earrings. You can also purchase online. Simply search for online jewelry stores and choose a type of earing you want to purchase and order. There are so many jewelry stores working online. Choose a style that meets your skin tone and budget.

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