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No matter you are moving locally or abroad in a different country, moving is never easy. It is a big step, and you have to take several things into considerations. But what are the reasons that make a person relocate and hire Cheap house Removals London? So let us discuss the most significant signs that indicate that it is the time to move.

Your house area is getting smaller

If you feel that your area is getting a bit tighter because you have to wait in line for the bathroom every morning. Or your kitchen cannot seem to accommodate your family comfortably. If so, then it is time to look for a more significant area somewhere.

Thinking of expanding your family Cheap House Removals London

Expanding your family means you are thinking of having kids or pets, in both scenarios moving to the big house makes sense. Also, other aspects such as good local schools or parks may be the motivational factors in search of a more significant area. Although, if you do not intend on having children having great schools near your house will be a huge benefit when selling your home.

Your neighborhood is not safe anymore

If you feel that in your the area where you live the crime rates have increased then it is a good idea to sell and move before it gets too late and difficult to sell. There is nothing worse than feeling insecure in your own home.

You are ready for an upgrade

If you do not like your current house anymore, or your financial situation has improved, then upgrading your home is an excellent idea. To move somewhere that you always wanted to be and dreamt about.

Commute problems

If you always get home late and lose hours of spending it with your family or doing something else you like to do, then it makes sense to move. Choose a place that is closer to your work area. If you love your job and do not want to lose it, relocating nearer to work could be a great thing to do.


A time comes in your life when being closer to your family becomes a bigger priority in your life. Also, when your parent’s age they want you to to be around them more often. So no matter what is the reason, the family is usually the most common reason people decide to pack up and move.

Now that we have discussed a few of the reasons or signs that requires you to move, we know that it can be stressful. That is why we have put together a guide to make your move a little easier and hassle-free one.

cheap house Removals London

Guide to have smooth and best house removals in London

  1. Move on your own or hire professionals

Moving on your own is easy and less stressful if you have small items to move, you can with the help of your family and friends relocate efficiently. But if you have an entire house to move than it increases the risk of getting an injury as well as damaging your belongings. Hiring a professional removals company in this aspect will minimise these potential risks, and they will ensure that your belongings are insured in case of accidental loss or damage.
Find House Removals London companies either by asking your friends and relatives for recommendations, or you can search for the British Association of Removers members. Always get at least three two or three specialist companies before hiring them.

  1. Packing

Packing is one of the most energy draining and time-consuming task. Many House Removals Services includes packing services, and it is worth considering taking advantage of these services. You will get to save yourself from the hassle and stress of this awful chore.

  1. Organisation and management

For a smooth and hassle-free move, it is better that you start organising weeks before your moving date. This includes:

  • Booking time off work
  • If you live in rented accommodation inform your landlord about your move
  • Contacting your telephone and utility providers and tell them about your move.
  • If you have kids and pets, then you might want someone from your family and friends to take care of them on your moving day.
  • Starting asking in your social circle, it will be safer for your kids and you. It will minimise the stress both for you and them.
  • Also, there might be some things that you do not intend to take with you in your new home. So it is the best time to declutter.
  • Separate the items you want to take from those you can either sell or donate to charities organisations or throw away. This will make your packing more comfortable and save you from cluttering your new home with the same old stuff that you do not want or use anymore.
  • If you intend to do the packing on your own, then it is time you start collecting all the essential packing materials like boxes, padding, bubble wraps, taps etc. Start packing at least two weeks before you move. This will enable you to pack every item carefully without forgetting anything.
  1. Two weeks before your move

  • Contact your house removals London near me firm with final details
  • Contact your current telephone provider and ask them to connect the phone in your new home.
  • Arrange the insurance for your new house.
  • Inform your local authority about your relocation
  1. Do not pack the items you need

A week before when you start packing, pack those items which you do not need. Leave the ones that you require now and the moving date. Also:

  • Pay all the outstanding bills
  • Make arrangements for your mail to be redirected
  • Place your valuable and vital items like birth certificates, passports, jewellery etc. In a safe an secure place.
  • Get a TV license for your new house
  • Inform authorities and other relevant people of your move
  1. The day before you are moving:

  • Pack all the essential items that you will require immediately reaching your new place in a separate box. This includes kettle, coffee, tea bags, mugs, toilet paper, torch, spare batteries, bulbs etc.
  • Disconnect all your appliances and defrost your fridge and freezer.
    Contact suppliers and ensure that utilities have been switched to your new home.
  • Clean the house thoroughly and get a good night’s sleep.
  1. Moving day

  • On moving day take your children and pets to the family/friend’s house who agreed to look after them on that day.
  • Last time ensure that all the appliances are disconnected.
  • Turn off all the utilities from the main.
  • Checked all the house windows and doors are Locked before leaving your house.
  • Also, ensure that all the boxes are placed in their right places. This will make the packing process much easier for you.

Once your belongings have reached your new place, unpack only the essentials at that time and take some rest. It has been too long and tiring day, and you can remove everything else the next day. If you Hire House Removals London, they will do this for you so you can focus on other things like plumbing, light fittings, wall mounting etc. They will also set up everything, assembling all the dismantled equipment and furniture for you as per your direction carefully.