cube boxes

Now, many companies are facilitating you with cube boxes to protect your items. Boxes are the best way to protect and deliver your products. However, these boxes are usually used to save for heavy and delicate items. Moreover, the packaging is also important in preserving the food items.

Cube boxes – enhance productivity:

Nowadays, boxes are essential, as they present your product with style. People are trading in stores as well as online. Both require proper presentation and handling of the product. Business professionals use a versatile range of boxes to present their products differently. Cube boxes enhance your beauty of the product. Generally, boxes are used to differentiate your product from your competitors.

Types of boxes:

Following are the main types of boxes, including;

  • Retail boxes
  • Food and beverages boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Eco-friendly boxes
  • Digital proof
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Display boxes

Purpose of custom cube boxes:

The main purpose of a custom cube box is packaging. They pack the product in a different manner. However, there versatility enhance your brand productivity. They secure your product from damages and breakages. In this world, every reputed company is using the different type of boxes. Now several designs of boxes, become the icon of the companies. However, in these boxes are printed with different logos, design and barcodes. Every company is spending millions of dollars to improve their packaging styles.

Following are the main purposes of packing is;

  • Make people life easier
  • Enhance product beauty
  • Keep product fresh
  • Attract the clients
  • Promote your brand

Objectives of packaging:

Following are the major objectives of packaging, which includes;

Physical protection:

Packaging protects your product physically. Various type of boxes used for packing different items. Boxes work as a protector when it’s come to product safety. Moreover, the food also encloses in a different type of boxes. As they provide protection from compression, temperature and bacteria. Furthermore, these type of boxes is used to deliver your product via shipping and cargoes.

Barrier protection:

Boxes give barrier protection from oxygen, water vapors, and dust. Generally, boxes contain oxygen absorbs, as they increase the life of the product. Generally, in different sort of food packaging, these are the best option. Moreover, this type of box used to maintain the atmosphere for food. Keep the item, clean fresh and safe.

Information transmission:

Different packaging boxes contain various type of information. You use custom printed cube boxes, as they give data related to a specific product. Often people use custom boxes because you can print them with various designs. Aside from designs, you can also print logos, bar-codes, ingredients, and expiry dates. In some product, they also mention how to use the product. This information is helpful for clients to use the right product.


Custom design cube boxes and labels are very beneficial for marketing purpose. Different boxes with logos enhance your product beauty. Packaging is a very important marketing tool. All known brands have various type of packaging style. They used different boxes to pack several different items. Packaging is the best way to grasp the public attention. This also separates your product from your competitors. Cube boxes are aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching material.


Cube box packaging plays an important role in securing the product. These boxes are mainly used to reduce the risk of damages and ruptures. Also, they provide you security to deliver your delicate items via shipments. However, different boxes manufacture with different materials. Such as corrugated, cardboard and paperboard. Packaging can include anti-theft devices, like dye packs RFID tags and electronic article surveillance tags. Moreover, this can only be deactivated with spectated tools. Generally, packaging ensures your items secure.


Wholesale cube boxes add convenience in distribution, handling, display and stacking the product. Boxes give a lot of advantages of selling the product in various shops. You can easily use and reuse this boxes to pack all sort of items.

Style of boxes:

Following are the different styles of boxes, including;

  • Five-panel folder (FPF)
  • Full overlap slotted container (FOL)
  • Full telescope box (FT)
  • Half slotted container (HSC)
  • Multi-Depth one piece folder (MDF)
  • Multi-depth regular slotted container (MDRSC)
  • One piece folder (OPF)
  • Partial overlap slotted container (POLSC)
  • Regular slotted container (RSC)
  • Self-locking one piece folder (SLOPF)
  • Tuck top mailer (TTM)
  • Walker lock (WL)

Basic box styles:

Following are the common basic box styles, including;

Regular Slotted Container (RSC):

This type of boxes is mostly used for packaging items. In this, all the flaps have the same length. When the flaps are folded, all meet at the center of the box.  Moreover, after packing it gives a smooth finishing. In this boxes, you can deliver heavy and bulky items. This type of box is design to supply products via shipments and cargo. However, you can add fill-in-pads between the inner flaps. Also, these pads provide extra protection for items.

Sub-types of RSC boxes:

Regular slotted containers are commonly used in the packaging industry. Following are the main sub-types of RS C, including

  • Half slotted containers
  • Overlap slotted container
  • Center special slotted containers
  • Center special full slotted containers
  • Full overlap slotted containers
  • Center special overlap slotted containers

Wrap-around blank boxes:

This type of box is form by folding a rigid product tightly. Further, the finishing of the box is very essential. The positioning, folding and sealing of the product, performs by automatic equipment. Moreover, these boxes secure your items from damage.

Full telescopic style container:

Full telescope style container, are consist of two separate parts. One is the top and the other is bottom. However, the international fiberboard case gives these boxes a name, “telescope-style”.  Also, this type of boxes provides extra protection to various type of items. These boxes are thick and manufacture with good cardboard material.