Limo Hire In London

Travelling industry is one of the biggest industries at this time. People are making a massive amount of money in this business these days. The reason is that every company works on the principle of demand and supply. There is an enormous demand for people who require proper and professional transport services these days. That is why people are utilising this opportunity to make the most out of it. There are more companies these days providing Limo Hire in London than ever before.

Limo or Limousine is one of the most expensive vehicles. Everyone does not afford to buy it, apparently when it costs something around 1.2 million USD. Therefore, people prefer to hire this vehicle on different occasions such as executive business tours our weddings. Moreover, people also use this service sometimes to go to parties. There are many different occasion on which we can see people travelling in this vehicle. However, the most common use of this vehicle is on executive class business tours.

Professional Top Notch Limo Hire in London

There are different types of Limo Hire in London services, and each has different specifications along with their associated functions. An SUV limo can accompany 4 to 6 people, and they charge you about 75 USD an hour for it. The standard limo can accompany between 6 to 10 people, and they usually charge 130 USD per hour.

A party bus limo can accompany up to 24 people, and it can cost you almost 170 USD an hour for it. The stretched Hummer limo can accompany about 20 people, and they charge approximately 185 USD an hour for it. However, the vintage Rolls Royce limo is the most expensive type pricing around 200 USD and has room for only two people. These limos come along with a professional chauffeur or driver.

These services are highly expensive, and people do not use them on a regular basis. Teenagers mostly rent it for proms and parties. Adults use them on professional tours for business purposes. This is a completely VIP service. Moreover, you can enjoy luxurious sightseeing tours around the famous areas of the city.

Specifications of a Limousine

Typically, all the limos you will see will be in glossy black colour mostly. However, some of them will be available in white as well. People avoid funky colours on this car like this a very classy vehicle. Moreover, the standard limo is about 30 feet long and has a stretch of about 10 feet. To give you a better idea, this is as big as a motorhome.

How to find the best type of Limo Hire in London

Different companies are providing limo services and other transport related services as well. However, if you ever want to hire this service from any company, then search for them on the internet. You will be given a massive list of some famous companies around you. Check their rating. Go out and make sure that if they have a good reputation in the market.

Furthermore, for your peace of mind, you can also talk to their former clients and learn about that experience they had with that company. Moreover, compare their prices. In this way, you will be able to make the best decision.