Trulli for sale

What is Trulli? In the historic era, Trulli were the houses of the peasants. It was made using the limestone into a cone-shaped and was built directly on the ground. It is covered with a ball at the top which is equivalent to the keystone, a person has to pull it out and it falls apart. Moreover, it is said that the reason this type of house was built was to avoid taxes because in Kings Era when you built a house on his land you have to pay tax. When the tax collector used to visit for tax collection the owner quickly dismantles it and when he is gone rebuilt it again. For this reason, the mortar was not used at that time. But today’s Trulli is made from the mortar. And it cannot be pulled down easily and you will find many Trulli for sale in Italy.


If you are thinking about buying a Trulli in Italy then it will be very beneficial for you as it can be used as a seasonal holiday home, your good investment or a weakened gateway. But if you do not plan it properly then it can create a problem for you. So here are few suggestion to keep in mind when went out to buy a house.


The first thing you need to do is determine how much budget you have. Your budget should cover the purchase expense, extra renovation works expense and property taxes. Keeping this in mind look for that house which falls within your budget, and do not waste your time on expensive houses. Thus, save your time and energy in it and narrow down your search options.

Find the area that suits you

You must have dreamt of the place where you want your house to be located and most people go for Tuscany in this regard. But do not stick to one place as there are many other regions too in Italy that are equally beautiful and affordable. So do your research properly and thoroughly about various regions and properties available before you decide to buy it. Consider the surrounding areas and whether it suits your needs or not.

Make a checklist

In your checklist list all the essential features that you want in your home and from where to start your search. The checklist will help you in finding the home that will exactly fit your needs. And you won’t waste your budget in buying a wrong house.

Search Online

When you know what you want, then apart from looking for the property on foot, search it online as well.  Italia Living can definitely help you with your search and pick the house for you that fit your requirements. They will make your buying experience a pleasant one in Italy. Apart from beautiful Trulli for sale, they have other remarkable properties as well. Give it a look at their website and you will get an idea of what they are offering. If you need more information you can contact them without any hesitation and surely you will get a prompt response.

So what are you waiting for book your flight and visit Italy now! And with our help and guidance find your dream property at an affordable price.