loft conversion in Croydon

If you are thinking about getting a loft conversion then you are making a right choice. But if you are a person who does not know what a loft conversion is and what benefits it can give then this article is for you. A loft conversion is basically a transformation of your empty and useless loft space into some functional and beautiful. You can convert it into an extra bedroom, a gym or even a recreational room. According to a research, a loft conversion can add up to 20% in the value of your property. Loft conversion in Croydon is a straightforward and cost-effective way of extending your property then renovations or extensions. But before getting your loft converted you need to be aware of all the processes involved.

Planning permission and building regulations

A Government Planning Portal states that loft conversions in London do not require planning permission till it falls within the specific limits and conditions. If your loft conversion exceeds those limitations then you might require a planning permission. So if you applied these following conditions then you do not require any planning permission.

  • The extension should not be higher than the uppermost part of the roof.
  • Your loft conversion does not include any verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • Your roof extensions do not extend from the original outer face of the house wall.
  • The material should be the same as used in the construction of the house.
  • Moreover, building regulations require you to get permission if you are looking to convert it into more than two stores. Or it is extending into the other areas of the home.

A livable area

Thinking about converting your loft into a livable area means you have to consider a new list of things. This means you will be using it as a normal part of the house and in this, you have to consider getting new floors, walls, and doors that will meet in accordance with the structural integrity of the converted space.

The staircase is not exempted; you have to check what building regulations say about it in advance and get their approval. Getting a staircase means you have to sacrifice your second-floor space and will also have to bear additional costs. If you do not want to compromise your second-floor space then consider the option of getting space-saving stairs.


Safety is also an important thing that you need to consider. This includes constructing an escape route for the people during an emergency and having additional fire protection. Moreover, you need to provide fire resistant doors and partitions to protect the stairway.

Pros and cons

Nothing is without its pros and cons so you need to consider all the options carefully before you get your loft converted. It is best to evaluate your home and then make a sound decision.


  • Best way to convert your loft space into something useful.
  • Wide options in loft conversions like a bedroom, bathroom or cinema room etc.
  • Saves your valuable space which you could not get it with extensions.
  • You do not require getting any planning permission as long as it is within the limits of rules and regulations.


  • You cannot get a loft conversion if it does not meet certain structural requirements.
  • Adjusting and installing staircase can cause certain problems.
  • If you have a sloping roof angle then you can install a wardrobe inside your loft.
  • If you do not convert your loft into extra storage space then you might have to find another place for storing all of your extra stuff.

We all know how expensive moving can be and that is the reason why most people are considering the option of getting loft conversion in Croydon. It is a great way to increase your living space and make your property more valuable.

So if you are considering on getting a loft conversion and think that this is the best option then Loft Conversion Direct is here to help you. For further information, you can contact us or visit our website and browse the successful projects we have completed.