DTG printing in Swindon is very famous

DTG printing is a process of printing on textile with special ink technology. In this process use special ink on the direct garment. DTG printing in Swindon is very famous because it is durable. This printing technique was introduced by DIS of Bradenton in 1996. The equipment used for DTG printing is, graphics and photo editing software, steamer, garment pretreater, heat press, digital garment printer, conveyor dryer. Here are some benefits of DTG printing.

  • Customizable: you can print a number of design and colours, and quickly change the colour and shirt design is very beneficial. You can create unique designs at the affordable price with the help of a professional, providing DTG printing in Swindon. It is not too much expensive. It is becoming more popular among people because it is the best way of printing, you can express your ideas and promote your business with this technique. It is durable and easily washable.
  • Easy to operate: this printer is easy to operate. You don’t need to have years of experience. This device is operated by a person who never uses this machine before. A brief guide is available with the machine.
  • High-quality design: your T-shirts and garment have best design and colour with this process. It is durable and last for years. Use cotton fabric for the best result because it is soft and easily manageable. Use light colour only because print looks beautiful in light colour. White is best for this print.

In early stages, garment printing is only suitable for white coloured fabric because white ink is not available, but with the advancement of technology white ink is introduced and you can print your design on any dark or white colour. The print is smooth and soft to touch. After printing the design use heat press, because with heat press the design is becoming long-lasting and washable without losing design.

There are no setup costs because it prints files directly from the computer. It saves a lot of time because there is no need to change the screens for printing different colours. This process takes minutes not hours. There is no limit on colours and designs. You can print thousands of designs and colours with this process.

But DTG printers are expensive and the price of the garment will be high. White ink is very expensive and not easily available. You need to clean printer on daily basis and keep secure from direct sunlight. Proper cleaning is necessary for high standard designs.

In this process, a garment placed into the printer and a set of heads move over the garment and print the design onto the garment. This is more environmentally than screen printing. Water-based inks used for printing. There are plenty of companies provide you with a vast selection of designs you can choose a design from the website or create your own design. Compare different companies and choose a company which provides best printing services at affordable price. DTG printing Swindon is working like inject printer, and it allows to print direct on light and dark both colours. This is the most popular and advanced technique.

You can print your name, a company logo, an image or a promoting massage on your t-Shirt with their skills of DTG printing in Swindon. Also used for business meetings and birthday parties for same looking t-shirts.

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