Modern Faux Leather Lounger Sofa with Chaise – Brown

A home without luxurious furniture we cannot imagine. Furniture is a most essential thing that provides comfort and creates a stunning look in the house. Everyone has a desire to owing a beautiful and outclass house and keep it maintain its beauty they buy many other accessories. So that a luxuries furniture fulfills the home requirement and completes the overlook of the home. Owing a luxurious furniture make house appearance warm welcoming like never before. If you planned to replace your sofa set and looking for a masterpiece of creativity and flawlessness sofa set you need to consider a MODERN FAUX LEATHER LOUNGER SOFA WITH CHAISE – BROWN.  It would add the grace in your drawing room,

Do some research, you can get this type of sofa via online. Often people not rely on online shopping but you do not worry about there some online shopping sites which are reliable and well-reputed like e-bay and others. Visit the site you would easily get satisfactory detail information about a product, for instance, MODERN FAUX LEATHER LONGER SOFA has a number of detail features, quality and dimensions have comprehensively mentioned the site, you can easily readout.

  • Furnished in sumptuously Faux Leather
  • Easy to wipe clean and maintain
  • Polished and well-furnished metal legs
  • 3 loose comfy cushions provided
  • Best consider for a smaller room
  • Minimal assembly required

Dimensions: it is essential to take into account while purchasing a sofa set. Often people do not measure the sofa set size while offline buying sofa set. Now it becomes so easy if you buy online furniture these sites specially mention the size. You can easily approximate estimation which safe you from post-purchase dissonance.


  • W 196 x H 77
  • D 137 (Lounger side) x D 80 (Sofa)

Its specifications give you clear idea it is best suitable for your home because it is made of high-quality Faux leather. It is best for smaller space rooms. You can be used in 2 separate seating areas which provide a versatility in your room. Its polished and well-furnished metal legs with 3 matching comfy cushions provide an elegant look and its brown color excellently matches to your interior of the room.

Price: it is available at a very affordable rate. it is also clearly mentioned on the site. Spending on sofa set considers a one-time spending. After spending this type of sofa set you would not feel regret, it added value and charm to your room.

Design and stylishness: while you buy a sofa set design and style take into account. FAUX LEATHER LOUNGER SOFA has a modern design which provides sophisticated and elegance look to your room. Also, increase the impressiveness in front of your guests.

Comfortable and Durability: often people think leather is not a comfortable fabric but is not true. It totally depends on the quality of the fabric. This type of high-quality fabric goes last longer and safe from wear, tear, and fading. It is durability hard to beat.

It is suggested that buy a MODERN FAUX LEATHER LOUNGER SOFA WITH CHAISE – BROWN from a well-reputed website like e-bay if you do not want to fell post-purchase dissonance. You can also take a advice from your friends and family which sources is best to buy a reliable and durable sofa set which increase the versatility and functionality of your room.