If you have been browsing on the internet from the last 5 years; you’re definitely known by the words “Star Wars Day” on the May 4th and today you also see the Star Wars Day updates. It’s May 4th, which is known by the Star Wars Day of the biggest movie series. It is the 6th non-official but official year on the record. First time in history, it organized and celebrate at the Toronto Underground Cinema.

“May the 4th be with you” is become popular within online and offline fans of Star Wars movie series and they celebrate the day with amazing preparations. Even, in many countries, people made the different type of toys, costumes and video play games to celebrate the day.

History behind It!

Star Wars Day become a full-fledged holiday for Star Wars fans. But very few of them, know the history behind it. In 1979, the first time in history, the May 4th term has been used by the author Alan Arnold when he was busy in writing the script of “The Empire Strikes Back” for “Lucasfilm”.

Why the author Alan Arnold use this term? The further description related to this topic will clarify the history of May the 4th called Star Wars Day.

If we go far away in past, we will come to know that: “Margaret Thatcher won the election and becomes first prime minister of Britain. The London Evening News published half page for advertising their victory. In this way, the message, links with their victory day was ‘May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations,’ and Star wars day hence inclined all of us.”

Lucasfilm was not the motivation behind May 4th, but the company who created the movie is the real motivation behind the Star Wars Day to make it so special for his online and offline fans.

How it Becomes Popular?             

Star Wars Day become popular only through the internet users. Different sites and social media is the cause of spreading the newly celebrated event Star Wars Day. You mustn’t say that the celebrations of this day are not favorable. People celebrate the event by doing such good deeds or finding entertainment ways.

It was the day, that totally created by the fans and they have right to celebrate it. Other TV channels also organize great preparations for celebrating the Star Wars Day.

Further, it is expected that if internet allows the Star Wars fans to connect with each other on the social media, then the May 4th became popular grassroots within the youth as well as oldies, and they proudly celebrate the ‘Star Wars Day’.

Celebrations Made for the Star Wars Day

The online and offline fans of Star Wars Day made great celebrations of the day. In many cities of the world like Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago and many other discover toys, costumes, recopies and video games to celebrate the day with full entertainment. Here are the step-by-step celebration techniques which you may follow at Star Wars Day:

  • Watch the Whole Series in One-day

It takes 17-hours and 40-minutes to watch the eight series start from ‘The Phantom Menace’ to ‘The Force Awakens’.

  • Read the Novels; if You Feeling Tire by Staring at the Screen-

You may read the novels of the eights series if you feeling tire by continues staring at the screen.

  • Play Video Games all the Day to Amuse Yourself-

There are various types of games on the eight series, which available from the market. You may spend your whole day in playing those games.