loft conversions in Beckenham

A loft conversion is a process of transforming an empty space into a functional room, such as bedroom, office, entertainment room, small gym, kids play area and a storage area. When looking for loft conversions in Beckenham, make sure it has different purposes. The installation of a loft conversion is difficult to process, and there are a lot of things included in it.

Loft become popular in New York during 1960. It is the best idea for an extension of property. Check the condition of the roof before creating a conversion. If there are black dots on the roof, so that rainwater may enter in the roof. Some ceilings not able to support the floor of a conversion, so new joists need to be added which can bear the loads.

It is the best way of increasing space in the house. You cannot do this task by yourself, you just need to hire a skilled specialist for this job. Must take the permission from concerned authorities before start construction. Mostly old homes have lofts which need proper renovation because they are not made to carry heavy loads.

Mostly these lofts have not a proper source of direct sunlight, you need to install artificial lights for brighten up the conversions. Most people used them as a bedroom or a children playroom. The natural light is necessary for the bedroom, so you need to renovate these loft.

There are three main types of loft conversions in Beckenham:

  • Dormer
  • Hip to gable
  • Mansard

Dormer: construct a vertical wall from the bottom of the sloping roof. A flat roof is built to meet the vertical wall. There is no permission need for this type of conversion. This is the most common type of conversion. Dormer loft provides a huge amount of additional space than another type of loft conversion. It is less expensive and feasible in the loft with limited space a hipped roof dormer can be an attractive addition to your property.

Hip to gable: it is a way to increase property with a hipped roof. The hipped roof changes to a flat gable end. It needs permission from the authority. It is suitable for chalet and bungalow properties. This extra space is used for office or bedroom.  This type of loft extends your property on sloping sides.

Mansard: this type of loft has a flat roof and a back wall. It is more expensive than any other type of loft conversion.  It requires proper permission for construction. Windows are installed in this loft. Windows cannot install vertically. Installed the windows in the roof. It provides proper sunlight in your room and you can enjoy the weather. But in summer it may cause heat. Use blinds for cover the windows in summer. Blinds save your room from the hard weather.

If you want to use attic in your house then you must need to hire a professional constructor. You can search online for loft conversions in Beckenham and visit different websites. Choose a company which provides experienced constructors. Compare the rates of companies, and choose a company which offers low rates makes sure the company you hired is insured. They will be responsible if there is any damage during construction of a loft conversion.

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