No matter what you are building a house, mansion or a villa, you should keep in mind that aesthetics is not everything. Other factors need to be taken care of during the construction process as well. Everybody realizes the importance of having a strong foundation before the construction of the building begins. But there is one thing that not everyone knows about, and that is liquid waterproofing. It is a process that is used to make your roof water resistance by applying a special liquid. Although it is not a simple process as it requires a lot of patience and finance, it will give you enormous benefits in the long run. So here are the reasons why you need to contact liquid waterproofing company in London and get your roof waterproofed.

Importance of waterproofing

Whether you live in a wet area or not, getting your home waterproofed is beneficial for many reasons. The reason for this is it not only stops water from penetrating your house, but it also means that you will face fewer issues with humidity and mold. It will dry out all the moist. However, every structure of the house is unique and you should spend a considerable amount in searching for that particular technique that will suit your building structure.


One of the common ways that people and professionals found quite affordable, easy to install and maintain is the waterproofing membranes. It is considered as one of the most popular ways to keep your property safe from water, moisture, and humidity. These membranes are usually installed on the top of your building surface and are enriched with a filler material that thwarts leakages.

Moreover, there are two types of membranes that are sheet based and liquid applied membranes. The former one is unrolled and then laid on the surface while the latter one is simply sprayed on the surface and then it eventually form a thick layer from which no water can pass through easily. Both membranes are equally efficient, and a professional can guide you which one will be the best for your building.


Bunding is a method that will keep all the liquid and dangerous materials trapped inside the wall and prevent water seeping inside the building. It will keep all the dangerous chemicals and toxins at bay which can potentially harm your building. It is easy to afford and install. No matter how big or small your surface structure is it will keep your property protected at all times.

Water stops

Water stops also a popular idea and has been in used for quite some time. Some building has concrete installed which provides a perfect pass way for the liquid. So it becomes essential to enhance them with flexible water stops. Its installation is quite simple, but you need to consider few things that are its positioning, maintenance, and sealing. If you manage it, then you have protected your property from water damage.

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