One morning you woke up to brush your teeth, but you realized that no water came out or maybe you went for a good bath in the shower and found that the water was not as hot as it used to be. The kitchen faucet is leaking and the ice machine has stopped working. Although it is possible that you have a serious plumbing problem, there is probably a simple problem that you do if you already have experience! Or a plumbing specialist will be able to fix. In every case, the drain pipe lining is accountable for everything!

The drain pipelining is confirmed by specialists in uncovered of pipes and service of plumbing in general to residential, commercial and industrial level. The equipment works with actor truck (to suck the desolation of liquids and solids) and black water suction pipe to uncover pressure drains; It has a video camera for the inspection of pipes and the location of hidden registers, grids, septic tanks, grease traps, storm drains and drains in general. The technicians also have the experience to quickly and safely solve water leaks, gas installation, and cistern cleaning, among other services related to plumbing. The Draft Patrol is a highly recommended option among the houses, businesses, and businesses of the city.

Drain Clogs

It is perhaps the most common pipe problem experienced in your home. It does not matter if you are in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower or washing, there may be residues such as hair, grease, leftovers and all this can cause serious problems. While many of these problems can be fixed by simply pouring a pipe cleaner into the pipes, this does not always work, especially if you have a completely clogged pipe or a deeper problem in the sewer lines.

Problems in the toilet

Over time you may begin to notice that to pull the toilet lever you have to force a bit or you just cannot. The truth is that the pieces of equipment located in your toilet tank can and will actually break down over time. The good news is that you can get a repair kit at any plumbing store. You can do the work only, but do not hesitate to call a professional plumber if the work is difficult. There is nothing worse than ending up with a toilet that does not pull the chain.

Bad smells

Have you ever entered a bathroom that smells like dirty cologne? This smell is not necessarily because of the last person who came in and left a mess. A defective installed or below the toilet deteriorated wax ring can cause toilet to become malodorous.

The decrease in water pressure

Maybe you go to the shower and you realize that there is little water pressure, and of course, this will make you have a complicated toilet. These problems often occur when lime and mineral deposits accumulate in shower faucets and in general. Unscrew the shower head to eliminate any residue that may have, you can solve the problem, if not, and that you need the help of a professional to change it in full or look for the most appropriate option.

Noisy pipes

This is very common in the home; this noise can start with a soft tapping and could progress to being hammered out loud. A loose tube, water inside the air chambers or a very high water pressure is the cause of these noises. You will have to call a specialist for the repair of the pipes, who will have to carry out a thorough control of the plumbing system.

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