Indeed, preparing and packing for a move can be a very tiresome task. You do not have to do the packing only but have to fulfill other obligations as well as an end of tenancy cleaning, paying off all the consumer bills etc. And doing multitasking at the same time you end up damaging your items or misplacing them. But all these packing problems and finances involved can be minimized with proper guidance. So follow these simple and useful tips to make your long distance move a smooth one.

Long-Distance Moving Advice

  1. Advance Planning

Always plan your move in advance as this will help you in making sound decisions and focus on each detail. The things that you need to consider while planning your move is insurance, safety, delivery and affordability.

  1. Regulations

In the UK every state has its own rules and regulations for the people moving into it. So if you are not living in the UK and are moving into it then you need to know everything about it regulations. If you break any rules in ignorance then you will find yourself in big trouble. All of your belongings will get seized by the UK officials.

  1. Research the moving company

Thoroughly research the moving company you hire, all of them is not loyal. Some will make fool out of you and trick you into hiring their low-quality services. Moreover, always read legitimate customer reviews and check the local forums. Do not fall into the hands of the crooked people.

  1. Calculate your expenses

Calculating your expenses in advance it not a bad idea. But do not consider it as the final expense as you will find plenty of things that will impact your cost and have to pay more than you expected. So always be ready and prepare your mind for this. Quotations are just a rough estimation so get fooled by it.

  1. Make a checklist

Making a moving checklist will help you in not forgetting anything behind. When a task is done you can just simply mark it with a tick and move to the next. This is the best step in organizing your move.

  1. Keep your documents separate from the rest of the luggage

Keep your important documents in a separate backpack or in your purse so that you do not misplace them and are easily accessible.

  1. Insurance policy

Some moving companies do not offer insurance unless you hire their packing services. For this, you have two options either hire their packing services or arrange the insurance from somewhere else on your own.

  1. Clean your belongings

Before packing your items make sure to clean them properly as this will make it easier for you to place them as soon as you reach your destination and do not have to swipe dust from them.

Packing Supplies

Getting packing supplies is essential especially for the long distance move because they keep your items safe and secure.

  1. Moving boxes

This is a very important item and you need to make sure that you have plenty of them. Make sure to get undamaged boxes to minimize the risk of your things getting damaged.

2. Moving blankets

Blankets are perfect for covering your upholstery or expensive furniture as with them they are protected from getting scratches.

  1. Bubble wrap

 Bubble wrap is perfect for fragile items as they will keep them protected. It is used everywhere in the world because of its functionality.

  1. Packing paper

Packing paper can be used for various purposes. It can be the perfect alternative for the bubble wraps or can be used as filler for empty spaces in the boxes.

  1. Anti-static bubble bags

Anti-static bubble bags are perfect for every type of electronic items that can produce static electricity. This can turn out to be quite dangerous near gas pumps if not properly packed in these bags.

  1. Heavy duty tape

This tape helps in properly securing your boxes so that they do not break and inside items drop on the floor. It gets quite embarrassing and you have to put extra effort in packing them again.

  1. Marker pens

Label each and every box with these marker pens as this will make your unpacking more easily.

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