Business relocates due to many reasons like expansion, downscaling, new place, new opportunities and much more. Whatever the reason might be corporate relocations are never easy, they are huge responsibilities. Several things need to be taken care of, and it becomes challenging. Also, when the company size is large multiple cycles will be required to transfer all of your office equipment successfully. Although, it is advisable to hire corporate relocation services in London to get your office equipment easily transported to another location. But certain factors need to be considered to make any move successful.

Office Moving Checklist

Devising an office moving checklist is an essential part of moving process. Analyze the departments you have to shift when will be the perfect time vacate, the number of goods to transport and settling time into a new office. Assign responsibilities to the employees to ensure that everything is going as planned.

Decide the timeframe

Small office furniture and equipment can be moved within the single day. But in the corporate relocations, it can take up to at least six months. For this reason, it is proposed to take at least three months to plan your relocation. If you wish to hire the moving company, then do it at the very beginning as this will save you time and money. The company professionals will analyze everything, identify any gaps and will move the office efficiently.

Occupancy Review

Occupancy review will help you analyze the office space. You might be moving to larger or smaller area. To make the best use of your office space examine the current departments and number of employees you have currently. How much space you are using and do you have any crowded space? What are your plans for your employees? Will the number of your employees increase or stay the same?

Determine the equipment you need

In this stage, decide how many workstations, office equipment centers, conferences rooms and other things you need. Professional movers can assist you in this regard as well. They will do site surveys, space planning, furniture moving strategy and employee move.

Create a budget

Once you have finished all the steps mentioned above now, it is the time to determine your costs. Go through your office checklist; understand the lease and all the things you have to complete before leaving your office. Also, consider the cost of cleaning the office according to landlord’s demands. If you are hiring corporate relocation services in London, include the service cost as well. And this also includes the packing materials if you are doing the packing on your own.

All these factors make it obvious that corporate relocation involves more than just the mere transportation and packing. If you want your move to be hassle free and smooth, you need to plan your move accordingly and beforehand.

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