Landlords use the end of tenancy cleaning in Newcastle for their new tenants who are going to arrive and live in the apartment or shared home. Cleaning services provide deep cleaning, dusting or thorough cleaning to their customers according to their demand. Cleaning services follow a special procedure and use high tech machines while cleaning. These high tech machines make sure that everything they clean gets a new look after they are done. Cleaning services use anti-bacterial products which are not harmful to the customers.

Deep thorough end of tenancy cleaning in Newcastle through several steps:

In deep cleaning, bathrooms are cleaned using anti-bacterial liquids which are mixed with special liquids that remove stains from the walls and floor of the bathroom. Professionals mix these two liquids and pour them on a sponge, then sponge is rubbed on the floor in such a way they all the water stains and rigid dirt is removed, bathroom tiles and walls are left with a clean shiny look. After cleaning floor and walls professionals clean mirrors and windows of the bathroom.

Once the bathroom is cleaned they move to the next room:

The kitchen is one of the most difficult places to clean; people cook more than four times every day. Oil drops and cooked food stains are all over the oven making it impossible to clean for a non-professional. In kitchens, professionals use oil removal liquids on the stove and inside the oven for the deep cleaning service in Newcastle. After stove and oven professionals clean floor, windows and walls of the kitchen. Kitchen walls have smoky residue from overcooked food which leaves a bitter scent in the air, every time you enter the kitchen you can feel it. Most of the cleaning companies use lemon scented liquids to clean kitchen walls and floor.

After kitchen professionals move to the living room for cleaning:

Cleaning carpet is a very difficult task, experts use steam machines and special foam liquids.  Soap foam and steam are sprayed across the carpet floor which gives a rise to the carpet dirt. The dirt rises on the surface of the carpet; from here a moisture vacuum pump is used to suck the dirt off the carpet surface.

Once the dirt is sucked by the vacuum carpet is left clean with a fresh look. Experts then clean the bedroom carpets in the same way through the same process.

Once all the carpets are cleaned, professional start dusting the house. Professionals use a cloth with soft fiber to clean ornaments, decoration pieces, and electronics. Electronics cannot be steam cleaned, so professionals use soft fiber cloth for this purpose. Water is sprayed on the cloth, once the cloth fibers are moisture they gently rub them on decoration pieces, ornaments, and electronics dirt particles stick to the moist fibers leaving electronics, ornaments and decoration pieces clean and shiny.

After dusting professionals move towards windows. Windows have glass which needs extra care when cleaning. Rubbing it too hard could leave scratches on the glass and rubbing it too gently would leave it dirty the way it was before. Professionals use window cleaning cloth and special liquid which leaves no mark on glass giving it clean and crystal clear look.

Deep cleaning includes patio cleaning and driveway cleaning. Driveways have black rubber marks from tires. Professionals use a special machine which sprays water at a very high pressure on the driveway. This high-pressure water machine cannot be used inside the house because it can damage the floor of the house. This is the procedure used for end of tenancy cleaning in Newcastle.

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