Builders in Bristol

Are you planning on building a home and are confused about hiring a licensed or unlicensed builder? Well in this article you will get your answer. Many people opt for an unlicensed builder because they are cheaper and affordable then the licensed ones. But in reality, it is both challenging and costly then hiring the licensed builders in Bristol. Building a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your entire life and want to make sure that everything goes correctly. Therefore it becomes essential that you hire licensed builders for this purpose.

Follow Building Requirements

Firstly, every state of the country has its own building requirements and it is done to protect the consumers. These requirements state that the builders must go through vigorous training, fingerprinting, properly vetted before they are licensed. This is the general requirements and it is not necessary that every state follow it, they may add more to it or have a completely different set of regulations.

Vetted and Trained

Secondly, working with a licensed builder will give you a peace of mind that they are properly vetted and trained before they are provided with license. They will be serious about their profession and won’t do anything that will destroy their public image. Moreover, if these contractors do any damage to your property you can file a complaint against him/her and recover your money which you can use it for fixing it.


Thirdly, there is a huge risk involved in hiring unlicensed builders in Bristol as there are many horrifying stories related to it. These stories are usually of unlicensed builders vanishing along with the down payment and without completing their job. You should always ask yourself why this builder is not licensed. What might be the problem associated with it.

Proper supervision 

Fourthly, a licensed builder will supervise everything and coordinate with other contractors in an efficient manner. They will keep an eye on everything going on while building your property. This will in turn save you a lot of time as they are handling everything. As they are more professional and experienced.

Insurance Policy

Fifthly, a licensed builder is knowledgeable about processing permits and inspections. And will make sure that all requirements have been met. Moreover, the licensed builder will also handle any insurance policy which means that you will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong.


Lastly, a licensed builder will provide you with the warranty for the home. Moreover, the work done by them will require less maintenance and repairs which will increase the value of your home when selling it.

Advance Build Concepts

In conclusion, hiring a licensed builder will save you time, money, effort, headaches when building the home. But it necessarily does not mean that you should go for a builder that is licensed and neglect other factors. You still need to conduct a proper research on their credentials and experience before you hire them for your service.

Advance Build Concepts possess all the licensed. So you should contact them for your building requirements and no one else.