Do you have a loft in your house and is not providing any benefit then you should consider converting it into something useful. In the UK there is an issue of limited space in the homes and getting the loft conversion is the better solution as they are cost effective than the extensions. The loft can convert into an extra bedroom, bathroom, recreational area, theater room and much more. But the benefits of getting loft conversions in Beckenham does not end here as it can do without getting the planning permission, does not consume much of the space and destroy your beautiful garden and other rooms.

Moreover, if carried out correctly the loft conversion can increase the value of your home. But if you converted your loft just for the sake of getting extra space and neglecting the design then it will have a negative impact on the curb appeal of your property. So you should achieve this goal, keeping in mind both space and style.

What’s involved in Loft Conversion?

Usually, the loft conversions involve the installation of timber joists, wooden or steel beams, staircase, windows, rewiring, plumbing, plastering, and decoration. But the degree of work that required in the construction of the loft conversion depends on many factors. These factors include the style of the current room, its height, shape, etc. If your loft has the right elements then it will be economical otherwise you will have a more expensive and time-consuming loft conversion. And how you will know that the factors are beneficial or not it is through hiring a specialist.

How long the conversion process takes?

Usually, the loft conversion does not require the planning permission, but in case it does need it often takes about two months to get the consent. And once the design has approved it will take around 4-8 weeks for the conversion to get completed.

What should I consider in Loft Conversion?

The thing that you should take into consideration is mostly space. If you have a triple story house than the area in your loft will be lesser than the lower level rooms so you should get a decent bathroom in this case.  Moreover, the loft conversions in Beckenham will not only change the look of the house but its usage as well.

The trend of loft conversion started when the homeowners were facing difficulties with the limited space, and the only way to add extra space is to convert it into something useful like a master bedroom. Through this way, the lower area of the house was freed up for the children’s to play. All of this process is informed with little cost, without affecting any other room space and enhancing the value of the property.

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