gel polish starts to remove and cuticle starts

Gel polish does not take time to dry like conventional polish. An ultraviolet lamp is used to dry this kind of polish. This makes the polish look shinier than the normal polish. However, if you wish to, you can apply the polish at home. Here are some few tips that you need to follow to apply this polish on your own. To start or the first step is to clean and then dry the polish. You also need to push the cuticles and do not allow the cuticles to cover the nails. Make sure to use a buffer to create a scratch on the nail surface. You need to rub it slowly as it helps the polish to stick on the nail and also makes sure that you get a proper manicure. The next most important step is to wash the hands and remaining dust with a soft sponge which is dipped in alcohol.

One coat of this polish is applied to the nails just in order to prevent the cuticles and make sure to swipe the coat on the tip of your nail. You can dry your nails for four to five minutes under an ultraviolet lamp. Once you have dried them properly, you then need to sweep them with soft tissues that are dipped in the solution. After this, allow them to dry. You need to repeat this step on the next hand because the goal is to basically prevent the cuticles and make sure that the polish is not removed after at least three days. Even if the base coat or the polish covers the cuticle, the gel polish starts to remove and cuticle starts to grow in size which can ruin your manicure.

Applying the top coat as well as sealing the nail tip is the final step. You can also use an ultraviolet lamp for a few minutes to dry up the coats. Use some tissues dipped in solution over the nails to sweep the nails. After the completing the steps mentioned above correctly, the manicure can last for two weeks. It would begin to peel around the corners of the nails after the completion of two weeks. You do not have to worry about the final touch-ups as such type of manicure continues for a long time. This type of polish is also easy to be used like the conventional polish. You can take advantage of multiple benefits which you are unable to enjoy from other conventional polish.

Why use Gel Polish:

There are many benefits of using this polish, some of them are listed below.

  • It dries fast with the use of ultraviolet light
  • They are durable as the last two to three weeks
  • They have a spectacular look when given a proper finish
  • It retains the natural look and does not damage the nails
  • You can change shades by applying conventional polish to this polish
  • It increases the beauty of the nails
  • It can be applied at home and you don’t need to go expensive parlours

Gel polish is a much better option for nails as compared to the conventional polish in every way.

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