Weight loose training program

An ideal smart figure takes a proper, timely managed and effective workout and diet routine, Extreme-Fitness-Gyms has designed a perfect and efficient fat loss training program in Singapore and diet plan to help you get your desired fit and smart figure.

Precautions for Workout Routine

            Before you go through and follow the workout routine, we recommend you to have a warm-up first. Some light exercises work fine. DON’T FOLLOW AN INTENSE WORK OUT DIRECTLY! This can cause muscle turn and any severe muscles and bones pain to your body. Take good 5-10 minutes time for warm-up, you may go with brisk walks, short sprints, and jumps etc.

Weekly Plan:

DayExerciseSetsRepsRest  (Seconds)
MondayADead Lift34-5150
B1Close-Grip Bench Press54-560
B2Weighted Chin-Up54-560
CFarmer’s Walk430 yd150
TuesdayRest Day or Light Activity
WednesdayA1Weighted Push-Up/Dumbbell Bench Press4-59-1045
A2Kettle Bell Swing4-59-1045
A3Dumbbell Row (1-Arm)4-59-1045
A4Heavy Sled Pull/Prowler Push4-59-1045
ThursdayRest Day or Light Activity
FridayA1Back or Front Squat3-54-560
A2Neutral Pull-Up3-54-560
A3Clean and Press3-54-560
SaturdayA1Standing Dumbbell Press3-49-1010
A2Side Dumbbell Curl3-413-1590
B1Barbell Curl3-49-1010
B2Dumbbell Hammer Curl3-49-1010
B3Barbell Curl3-49-10120
C1EZ Bar skull crusher with pull-over3-49-1010
C2Weighted close-grip with pull-over3-49-1010
C3EZ Bar skull crusher with pull-over3-49-10120
DStanding Calf Raise4-59-1090
ESuspension Strap Fallout3-49-1060
SundayRest day or Light Activity


Light Activity Recommendations:

You can choose any one of the recommended activities:

Cross-Field Tempo Runs: Choose a ground e.g. soccer field, select a corner and start dashing diagonally dash at 25% less to your maximum speed, don’t go for sprinting with maximum speed, reach the other corner, and repeat the cross for about 15 sets.

Sports Playing: Take part in playing some physically intense sports, e.g. football, hockey, etc.

Beach Bodybuilding: As you have followed the previous day exercises, the rest days you can choose to go on a beach, enjoy with some light bodybuilding exercises.

Outdoor Activities: You can choose to go for some intense outdoor activities, which must include good physical movement, it may be, hiking, rock climbing etc.

Beneficial Tips:

When you are working hard to have a perfect smart figure, Extreme-Fitness-Gyms strives to make sure you get ideal and quick results. We recommend:

  • Workout with lower-skilled exercises followed by higher-skilled exercises.
  • When you are doing short and intense workout, follow it for not more than 10 seconds.
  • If you are doing a long workout, follow it for no more than 2 minutes with the least time 30 seconds.
  • Follow you workout sessions for no less than 60 minutes duration.
  • Workout progressively on the main and intense exercises.

Short & Intense Exercise Tips:

Everyday follow-up of the proper workout plan, you can opt some additional short time but intense exercises to get assured results, some recommendations are:

  • Go for a maximum 10 times sprints; repeat it with 2 minutes rest and spent 90 seconds duration for each rept.
  • Go for Sledgehammer workout, hit for 20 seconds with maximum number of hits, repeat it for a maximum of 10 times with a rest of 2 minutes.
  • Prowler Push workout; for maximum 12 sets, with a rest of 2 minutes.

Longer Exercises Tips:

You can choose some additional longer exercises after your daily workout routine, some recommendations are:

  • Go for a 400 meters running, followed by a rest of 4 minutes maximum, repeated utmost 4 times and not less than 2 times.
  • Battle ropes can be opted, do it for maximum 75 seconds, with 2 minutes rest, followed by 6 rounds reps.
  • Power push, there and back twice set of brisk walking or running with a rest of 5 minutes and followed by 6 reps of each set.

Efficient Diet Plan for Weight Loose:

Exercise is beneficial with proper intake of nutrients in your otherwise you it is difficult get your desired results, Extreme-Fitness-Gyms recommends these general and efficient tips for a perfect diet plan:

  • Take a healthy and high-protein diet.
  • Omit the intake of sugary drinks.
  • Prefer to take fiber enriched food.
  • Take whole food supplements.
  • Drink plenty of water, must before an hour of meal time.