diamond ring

Rejuvenate your beauty:

As you know that Diamond rings are the most precious and beautiful gifts among others. Almost every woman desires to purchase and wants this diamond in their ring. The demand for diamond is increasing these days. To fulfil the requirement and demand of people many jewellery shops and brands are there.It becomes a fashion to give the gift of rings to loved ones, especially at weddings. People make it trend to give the gift of it. They think that this is the way to show your love regarding other. And they believe that if you give ring at your wedding to your life partner it gives more strength to your bound. Moreover, it increases the love and affection between them.


diamond consist of 4Cs which are as follow:

1. Colour: Color of diamond matters a lot. As it contains different colours so, the beauty of the diamond also depends upon the colour of the diamond. Its colour lies in the range from D colourless to Z yellow tinge. Pink, green etc. colours also lie in this range. You can get the diamond of your own colour choice.

2. Cut: To achieve maximum reflection in the stone or to get sparkles in diamond, they give an excellent cut grade to diamond. These cuts make it more reflective. And make it shinier. This is the most important element of the diamond. Because without correct cuts your piece can be wasted.

3. Clarity: Clarity of diamonds depends on the internal characteristics of diamond known as “inclusions” and surface features called “blemishes”. And the clarity of stone determined by the number, size, nature, position, and colour of diamonds internal and external features.

4. Carat: Carat of diamond is referred to the size of the diamond. This is the unit to measure the weight of a diamond. Sometimes a stone of diamond with cuts looks bigger than other. So this is the unit to measure it.

Diamond Shape:
Stones of a diamond comes in different shapes which are given below:

Round: if you want to get the shiner and a most reflecting piece of diamond in your ring, then this is the most appropriate shape. And this shape has an ideal defined proportion.

Oval: it gives a very flattering effect to your finger when you wear it in a ring. Unlike round cut diamond, it has an elongated shape. And it gives a larger look to your stone.

Marquise: These shapes of diamonds are not as popular as above two. But among females, it is quite popular. And considered that this is the most unique shape of diamonds.

Heart: These shapes are very popular among couples. They give the gift of diamond heart in the shape of pendant or particularly as a ring to loved ones.

Radiant: It has an angular shape and has brilliant cut facets.

Pear: Pear shape has a round end at one side and has a tapering end on the other side.

Emerald: This is the most classic shape of the diamond. And it looks more transparent than others.

Princess: This is the most innovative shape with dazzles and sparkles in its stone.
Diamond rings are the big demand of time, especially at wedding and engagement ceremonies. For this very purpose, many brands are serving their customers.

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