Loft conversion in Croydon

If you own a property that is originally built it as a bungalow, but as the family expanded you decided to create more space to have their own private area and convert the loft to take advantage of the space that was unused. Do you want to know what the characteristics of the lofts are? Are you thinking of expanding the spaces of your home and that is more like this type of property? Do not know what are the decorative styles that are a trend in the lofts? For this, you can hire a company offering loft conversion in Croydon that is specialized to carry on your project. As it was, the loft could not be used, but the company considered that by restructuring the design of the structure and improving the level of insulation, the area could become a living space.

What is a loft and what is Loft Conversions Direct?

It is known as a loft to a type of housing in which the spaces are connected to each other and the divisions are scarce. As a result, there is a large, bright and open space. They are very appropriate homes for couples or people who live alone.

Broadly speaking, it could be described as a large room in which the bedroom connects directly with the dining room, kitchen and living room. To optimize the incoming light in the room, companies providing loft conversion in Croydon recommends the use of large roof windows and Venetian blinds to control the amount of light when using the room to work.

What are the characteristics of the loft conversion in Croydon?

It is about open spaces, in which the light circulates without impediments and the rooms or spaces communicate with each other. Sometimes there may be small divisions generated by columns or cement blocks, but without completely separating the room.

They are usually characterized by high ceilings and large windows. In many occasions, this height is usually used to generate a double stay and optimize more space. An upper floor with the bedroom can be upgraded, from which the rest of the house can be observed. Currently the loft has been revalued before it was a cheap and affordable type of housing; but instead, it is now a type of modern and spacious property that tends to be more expensive than other alternatives. There will always be the option of generating a space like this by taking advantage of old places and restoring them to the taste of each one.

Two openings are made in the ground, one for the stairs and another for a balcony-mezzanine with a view to the living room on the lower floor. In this way, additional light is provided to the lower floor and a very attractive element that reflects the whole space of the house. A glass balustrade is used to ensure that light reached everywhere.

In the bedroom windows are placed on both sides of the roof to allow cross ventilation and an effective distribution of light. Electric curtains are used to achieve a darkening effect at night.

The floor area that remained in the loft is used to create a large dressing room so that it was not necessary to have vertical storage space in the bedroom after the conversion of the loft.

Rotating roof windows

A roof window with a rotating opening is the easiest option to start enjoying natural light. It is easy to use even with furniture underneath. The innovative maneuver bar allows you to ventilate the room even when your window is closed.

Vertical and inclined combinations

A group of large roof windows helps you create beautiful rooms full of light and the feeling of being outside. If you combine more roof windows you can get a great view and take more daylight.