wedding car hire

When we think of wedding car hire we all want to make sure our special day runs smoothly and stress-free. We want a comprehensive range of rental vehicles to cater to diverse and ranging requirements. It is an important part of the wedding. It is one of the most take care thing of our wedding. Well, planned wedding transport hire is what we need to travel and arrive in style on our wedding day. The wedding transport is a good idea for the bride’s transfer and can also be used by the bride and the groom to proceed to the reception in style. It will make a positive contribution to what is sure to be one of the most memorable days of our life.

Our wedding day will be completely different from any other day, so we want every experience to be special and unique. Wedding vehicles which have class and style or have something special are best on this occasion day. Wedding cars have driven by a chauffeur help us reaching the ceremony destination well on-time. It will prove to be an ideal means of transport for our special occasion. But there are some things which we have to consider while hiring them which are written below.

Journey cover by a wedding car hire

While hiring the services we must consider the journey. It is important that we think about where the pickup points are and exactly who we would like to be in the cars. How many bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys will be having, this will determine how many cars we will need. If we want to stick to the traditional car then why not consider hiring classic seven-seat Daimler Limousine? Think about asking a relative or friend to take any large bags or luggage as not all cars have enough storage space.


Think about timing and be realistic. Decide on the route of our journey as early as possible. Make sure the wedding car hire company knows exactly where we want to go. Some brides like to take a special route to the church, maybe to pass their old school or friend homes, while after the ceremony the bride and groom may want to enjoy a drive round in the wedding car before going to the reception. The car hire company will help us plan a route and timings but consider what we would like. It may be that we need 2 cars in order to get the wedding party to the locations in the right order and on time.


It is the good thing to book early wedding car hire. As we would expect, wedding car companies are bombarded with requests for their services. Particularly on Saturdays and during the summer months. Therefore it is extremely important that we book our wedding car well in advance of our wedding. Ideally 12 to 18 months ahead or as soon as we have set the date.

Think about the style

Think about the style of car. Just as important as getting the color scheme of our car right. We should also ensure that the style of the wedding car reflects the style of our wedding. If we are going for a traditional or classic style wedding then a classic Rolls Royce could or Daimler Limousine might be the best car option. But if we are planning an original wedding or something a little different, why not look into hiring an Aston Martin DB7 or Morse Jaguar wedding car?