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A wardrobe is a standing closet that used for storing clothes. Fitted wardrobes are famous due to more storage space. A wardrobe is a wall space that was filled with closets and lockers. These wardrobes have hanging space, sliding shelves, and storage drawers. This is the most important furniture item. Choose a wardrobe that matches your interior.

There are different types of cheap fitted wardrobes available in the market.

Types of wardrobe

  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Sliding door wardrobe
  • Openable wardrobe
  • Free standing wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobe: walk-in wardrobes are best for people who want to collect a large number of clothes and other items. This wardrobe has hanging and storage space on every side of the wardrobe. It could be added to the bedroom with sliding doors. This the best-fitted wardrobe style.

Sliding door wardrobe: sliding doors wardrobes are modern and classic style. This is the ideal choice for modern homes. These are designed with two, three or four sliding doors that glide smoothly on track. They use less space and you can utilize the free space of your bedroom. Sliding doors are made of different materials with various styles. You can utilize the upper empty space of your wardrobe to store your large side suitcase and bags that cannot be in your daily use. Buy fitted wardrobes and gives your room an elegant and modern look.

Openable wardrobes: this is the most common shutter style wardrobe. Shutters are open in front, and the shutter is easily lockable. These wardrobes available with a handle or without a handle.  These wardrobes need enough space for open shutters in front, but still considered one of the best-fitted wardrobes.

Freestanding wardrobes: this the traditional style wardrobe and can easily move from one place to another of these wardrobes available in different material such as metal, plastic, and wood. Wooden wardrobes are best and durable. These are available in different sizes, so you can choose according to your needs.

You can also create your own wardrobe. Simply draw a sketch of wardrobe and measure the space, height, width, and length. Choose a design that can be want to create. You can search online and find many beautiful and modern designs choose one of them that meet your taste and needs. Decide what type of wardrobe you want a walk in, sliding door, openable or free standing wardrobe. It depends on your room space and your choice.

Write all details and material that you choose and give these details to the wardrobe designer.  There are many online fitted wardrobe designers available. Search online and choose a designer. The designer will create your desired design. Tell the designer about all little points such as storage space, hanging space and the storage drawer you want.

The advantage of fitted wardrobe is you can use extra space of your room in a perfect way. You can fit these wardrobes in any dimension of the room that cannot be used for anything else. Custom design wardrobes made according to your specification. Choose the best wardrobe for your children. Here are some steps to find perfect wardrobe for your children.

buy fitted wardrobes

Choose a style from online fitted wardrobes that attracts your children, such as some cartoon characters or cars stickers paste on it for boys and Barbie doll and princess style stickers for girls with decorative mirrors and beautiful doors that gives a modern and beautiful look to your children’s room.

Choose a custom design wardrobe for children room, so you can change the handles to modern or funky. Color is most important, paint the wardrobe in pink for girls and blue for boys or the color your children like. Buy cheap fitted wardrobes and enhance the beauty of your children room.

The material is very important when choosing a wardrobe. There are the different material used for wardrobes including in.

  • Laminate: this is available in many colors including matte and glossy. This is scratch resistance and easy to clean. This is not durable, and in case of single scratch, you need to replace complete sheet.
    • Mirror: the mirror is suitable for small rooms, and it reflects the light and your room looks wide due to the mirror.
    • PVC foils: this is available in many styles. It is scratch resistant and durable, and it is decorative and gives a modern look to your home.
    • Glass: glass is most common material that used for wardrobes. It available in different styles such as clear, opaque, printed, stained, and frosted. Choose a style that meets your other interior of the room. If you choose clear glass than you must need to keep clean and organize your wardrobe.
    • Metal: this material is not suitable in modern homes. This is perfect in industrial style homes. This is very old and traditional style.
    • Wood: wood is very famous and versatile element that used for wardrobes. Wood is expensive than any other material. It is durable and gives an elegant look to your home.
    • Colored glass: colored glass is more suitable than plain glass. You can choose a color that will match with the interior of your room. Glass reflects the light and gives your room a beautiful and bright look.
    • Veneer: it is made of thin sheets of wood, and available in different variety. Choose a fitted wardrobe that made of veneer for coordinate the style of your room.

If you want to buy cheap fitted wardrobes online, so you can search different websites and compare the rates. Choose a company that provides the best material at competitive rates that meet your budget.

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