Electrician in Crowborough

What should I do? Should I ask for help or try to get things done on my own? What if I screw up everything? We all have been through this phase in our lives when we face any electrical problem. But there are actually few issues that you can solve on your own and do not need to call an electrician in Crowborough but in most cases, you have to. Moreover, these issues are also a major cause of household fires. Let’s discuss some safety tips that you can follow.

Light Bulbs

Are your lights flickering or your bulbs have burned out? This is the common issue of every household and needs to be replaced carefully because it can become dangerous as well. What you can do is to see first what wattage fixture you should use as it would be written inside the socket. Then replace the burned bulb with the new one.

But if you have a broken socket and you see that your bulb breaks and get disconnected then you should call a professional electrician. It is also reasonable to call an electrician when your lights are flickering.

Water & Electricity

Wait! Do you have electrical sockets located next to the water source? Then you need to call a licensed electrician immediately. This situation is not to be taken lightly and should be quickly solved. Well, you don’t need to be a scientist or technician to understand what combination of water and electricity can do. What you can do is never use your hair appliances when the faucet is leaking. And unplugged all the items when you are taking a shower. Do not use your hair dryer when there is humidity in your bathroom, use it when it is clear. But you need to keep this in mind that when you observe your electric socket is installed near the water sink, bathtubs or shower then get it replaced.

Faulty Outlets

Do you have faulty outlets in your home? Then you should know that it can cause fires or injuries if not replaced quickly. Unplug any kitchen or electric appliance that emits sparks, but do it by pulling it from the plastic housing and not by the cord. After that immediately call your local electrician in Crowborough before your house gets caught up on fire.


Wires can wear out, get damage and broke over time. So it is always recommended to keep an eye on your house wiring and if note any broken, small tears in wires. Then cover them with a tap and call your electrician. Frequent fuse blowing, and circuit breakers tripping continuously then you have a serious problem.


If you have plugged in too much appliance into one outlet then remove them and plug one or two appliances that the socket can bear. If not then your appliances will get heated to an extent that it can blow up and cause injury. But if you smell a bad or weird odour then call your electrician for an inspection.

After discussing the electrical issues and what you should do in that scenario then comes the question which company electrician to call and that is of TG Electrics. They have years of experience in this industry and have solved many electrical issues of both commercial and domestic sector.