The concept of massage therapy came into existence around 4000 years ago. The basic purpose of the massage therapy at that time was to reduce stress and relax body muscles. Since then the importance of massage therapy has increased so much that, nowadays, doctors are also recommending their patients to have it. Massage therapy has great significance in medical terms and in this hand, forearms, and elbows play an important role while giving a massage. It is considered to be one of the natural medical treatments that help in eradicating most of the diseases. It is advised to have a good massage at least once a week. One of such company provides excellent massage therapy in London, and the name of that company is Balance London. Our company has best massage therapists that have years of experience in providing good body massage in London and they are knowledgeable regarding where to exactly apply pressure on the body. They are friendly and always communicate with their customers in a polite manner. And our ratio of customers has increased because of the services our professional therapists provide to our customers.


A good massage provides various benefits to your body, both mental and physical. The benefits that it provides are listed below:

  1. Decrease depression, anxiety, and stress and get massage voucher

We usually get these problems because either we have an unbalanced life or we work too much, due to which are muscles get stiff. So a good massage therapy, provided by our professionals, will definitely reduce these problems of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  1. Reduce high blood pressure

Message therapy has proven to be very beneficial for the people suffering from high blood pressure. People having regular message therapy have told us that their high blood pressure problem has been decreased.

  1. Reduce insomnia

It also helps those people having a sleeping disorder that later developed into a disease called insomnia. A good massage will definitely reduce your insomnia problems.

  1. Reduce back and neck pains

Usually, we suffer from back and neck pains because of our poor quality mattress or have uncomfortable chairs in our office. The back, neck, and shoulder massage therapy is specifically designed for this kind of problem and has proven very beneficial.

  1. Increase circulation of blood

Massage therapy also increases the circulation of your blood, which helps in removing all the toxins and waste from your body and reduces blood pressure.

  1. Improves immune system

A strong immune system is very important for our body. As it helps us fight against various diseases like cold, flu, cough, migraines, and sinuses.

  1. Improve your skin

A good massage therapy also helps in making your skin look and feel better. You will also feel fresh and rejuvenated and your creativity level increases.

  1. Reduce allergies

Massage has also proven to help various people suffering from different kinds of allergies, and among the most common one is asthma. It will not totally eliminate your allergy problems but will definitely reduce it.

Types of body massages in London

There are various types of massages that will help in dealing and eradicating different kinds of diseases. These massages are designed keeping in mind the problems of the people, some massages require strong rub on the body while some require gentle rub only. The various types of massages are listed below:

  1. Aromatherapy massage

In aromatherapy massage, therapists use different kinds of essential oils and creams that help in relaxing your mind and body and reduce your stress level. In this massage therapy, gentle strokes are applied on the whole body.

  1. Pregnancy massage

This massage is specially designed for pregnant women. This massage will help in reducing their back and muscle pain along with reducing the swelling of arms, feet’s and legs. Pregnant mothers having regular massage will never feel any difficulty during labor.

  1. Sports massage

This massage is recommended for those individuals that are involved in some kind of sports. This massage will help them in relaxing their tight muscles and tissues and in improving their stamina. Almost every coach belonging to the different field of sports recommends this to its players.

  1. Back, neck, and shoulder massage

In this type of massage, the therapist will apply a strong pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders that will help in reducing the pains and also in improving your body posture.

  1. Anti-cellulite massage

This type of massage uses special kinds of oils that help in removing fats and toxins from your body and reducing your weight.

  1. Swedish massage

This type of massage helps in reducing tension and muscle pains that occur inside your body. Therapists apply strong pressure on the affected areas of your body that helps in reducing your body pains. Deep tissue massage also comes with this kind of massage.