GIA certified loose diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America is the number one authority in various precious stones. GIA certified loose diamonds are classified by the GIA. The value of the stone is calculated in this institute. The classification of the diamonds is a very important part of GIA’s services. This is the most popular and reliable laboratory of the stones.

Only unique and most costly diamonds are certified by the GIA. The value of certified loose diamonds is very high than the ordinary diamond. Its value comes from the certification of the Gemological Institute of America. Almost all the international jewelry companies are getting a certificate of GIA for creating their best image in the international diamond market. Diamond has various types, these types are classified as a superior and inferior class.

Loose diamonds:

The diamonds after cut and polish called loose diamonds. These diamonds are to certified from GIA, AGS, or EGL. These all are the top ranking laboratories of precious stones. The diamonds that are certified from these institutes have great value in the international market. The laboratories ensure the naturality of the stones. The cost of certified loose diamonds is not affordable for everyone, only billionaires can buy these diamonds.

Use of GIA certified loose diamonds:

  • Jewelry
  • Used as gems and precious stones
  • Cutting of glass and metal
  • Drilling in tunnels


The most common use of diamond is in jewelry. As everyone knows that diamond is the shiniest substance in the world. Its bright look increases the beauty of the jewelry. The most expensive jewelry in the world is diamond jewelry. Only rich people can afford diamond jewelry due to its high prices. The most beautiful stone is diamond which is used in jewelry as well as for other purposes. The diamond jewelry turns a girl into a princess.

Used gems and precious stones:

GIA certified loose diamonds are widely used in gems and precious stones. These gems and stones have a great value in the international market. People use diamond as a precious stone in the ring. The rich men use to wear a diamond ring on their fingers as a fashion or hobby. The main purpose to wear diamonds is to impress others. Usually, gems and precious stones contain black diamond. The black diamond is inferior in quality as compared to other types of diamonds.

Cutting glass and metal:

Cutting the glass and metal is not possible with blades or simple cutters. The companies use diamond for cutting such substances. The diamond is the hardest stone which can cut any substance whether it is diamond, glass, or metal. Diamond can cut everything. The shapes of glasses and metal are made of diamonds. The diamonds are technically fitted in cutters which cut the glass and metal easily.

Drilling in tunnels:

The government often creates tunnels for different purposes, finding coal, gold, oil, or gas etc. Digging of the tunnels is not easy as the land is not very soft. The government uses diamonds for drilling in tunnels. It makes the drilling process very easy as it is very hard and sharp substance. There are various uses of diamonds but we are discussing only its important uses.