What is the one thing that scares the athlete’s most and they try to avoid it in any possible way they can? It is getting injured. Injuries effect performance, takes a lot of time to recover, is painful and costly to treat. These injuries will heal with the passage of time. But the chances of its recurring are increased and may become permanent. Massage therapies have come a long way as before it was used to relax the body muscles. But now it has made its way into the medicine and now can be used to treat the injuries in athletes. Athletes can now get this sports massage in London to heal their injuries permanently.

How Can a Sports Massage Help Me?

It is beneficial for all types of athletes like cyclists, swimmers, runners, gymnasts etc. But this sports massage is beneficial for non-athletes as well. This means that you do not have to be an athlete in order to get this massage. As a normal human being, we spent most of our day sitting at a desk for a long period of time which damages our body posture. And increase the level of the anxiety and muscles aches. One of the leading soft tissue therapists, Andy Stanbury, states that taking proper care of your body will, in turn, increase your performance level, even if your job requires sitting in your desk all day.

The main difference between sports massage and other types of massages like deep tissue and Swedish massage is that along with relaxing your body muscles it enhances your performance as well. We all know how pain and stiffness in the body can affect our performance.


Prevent Pain

A person who exercises intensely can suffer from the delay onset muscle soreness. You will definitely feel honored that you have exercised really hard. But the pain can impair your performance and make it harder for you to do well in other activities. Massage voucher will reduce the pain and soreness in a pleasant way. Research conducted in 2003 shows that sports massage reduces the dependence on painkillers by 34%. Other studies have revealed that a good sports massage helps in eliminating headaches, migraines, enhance better sleep and relieve anxiety and depression.

Aid Recovery

Massage therapy also helps in aiding recovery. To get the best results the massage therapy should be performed at the right time. Even if a massage is giving just for 10mins before the games start also enhances the athletic performance. A research conducted by the McMaster University in Ontario showed that massage helps in reducing the inflammation and encourage growth in the cells. It is also said that sports massage helps in enhancing elasticity and flexibility in the muscles which becomes stiff after the strenuous workout.

Release Endorphins

Endorphins are the chemical fluids that when release in the body helps in reducing pain and uplifting the mood, giving you a happy feeling. So the sports massage helps in releasing this natural pain reliever and decreases the level of anxiety.

Well, we have discussed all the potential benefits of sports massage. So if you want to avail these benefits book our therapy of back massage London with the Balance London therapy specialists.