Wedding Car Hire

Nowadays, you will find many companies that specialise in providing affordable and premium wedding car hire services. Their services are designs primarily to give the bride and groom the wedding day they have always dreamt of.

These companies are in this business for a long time and offer reliable services to those people who search for excellent quality service with a stunning and wide range of vehicles. But to find a safe and professional company and the services you want to hire you to need to take into consideration various things. So here we are going to discuss some valuable tips for hiring a wedding car that will meet your needs and requirements.

Tips on Wedding Car Hire London

  1. You need to first think about the distance you have to travel to your venue and who will accompany you. Determine the pickup points are, and the number of people will be with you. This includes bridesmaids, flower girls, and pageboys you will be having. The number of these people in total will determine how many wedding cars you need.
  2. Try to see all the wedding cars before you book. Each car has its specifications. If the vehicles are inspected for faults and garaged all the year, then they are likely to be of high standards and well maintained. You can also check if that is the actual car you will get for your wedding. A reputable company will have a showroom and be happy to allow you to view their selection.
  3. Always go for full time and established professional company because this will be the company that won’t betray you at the time of your wedding. There are many fraudulent and hobbyist owners of Wedding Cars Newry out in the market. They do not operate as a proper business. One way to check is that they should provide insurance to cover all the cost.
  4. Go for a company that has profound knowledge about all the routes, churches and venue of that particular area. They should have provided many wedding cars. The company should have professional chauffeurs. Each chauffeur should be given a full briefing and undergo a dry run before the wedding day. The hired car should be prepared a couple of days before and decorated by your requirements.
  5. Schedule the timings before and be realistic. Planned the route you want to use that will take you to your venue as early as possible. Ensure that the company knows exactly where you want to go.
  6. Apart from the colour think about the style of the wedding hire that will go with your wedding theme. It should reflect the style of your wedding.
  7. Think about the colour of the car. It is essential that your Wedding Car Hire Near Me colour matches the colour theme of your wedding. So avoid opting for a red car if your wedding theme is ivory or pastel green. Also, ensure that the company has the matching ribbons and flowers with your dress or colour theme.
  8. Companies of Wedding Car Hire in the UK are bombarded with requests for their service. They are high in demand especially on weekends and on summer holidays. Therefore, it is important that you book your car in advance preferably 12 to 18 months before or as soon as you have set your wedding date.
  9. Also, ensure that the car is exclusive for use on your day only. It means that it has not been booked double for that particular day. The service should be focused on your wedding day just. Most of the companies have only 1 or 2 cars, and they want to make the most money out of it.
  10. Lastly, you need to consider the size of your wedding car. The car should be spacious enough to fit your dress in comfortably, particularly if the dress has a long train. Also, they will guide in choosing the car, but you need to consider your clothing as well.

Best and Cheap Wedding Car Hire

Allow the company professionals and experienced drivers to take you to your wedding venue in style. Take your loved one away in a luxury and high-class wedding car. They comprehend that you deserve a luxury and proper treatment on your special day.

If you are having a traditional wedding and need a complete fleet of either vintage and classic cars to take you or your family/friends to the church and venue, the company professionals will be there for you the entire day. On the awkward, if you are planning a modern wedding, the company will provide you with a whole variety of different things that will take the fun at a new level. They can give you a wide range of full stretch limos including Wedding Car Hire Packages & Payment that will become a party spot for your entire bridal party and guests.

They will cater for everything in regards to your transportation. The company will ensure that your guests feel comfortable when they come to visit you on this auspicious day.

Reliable Local Wedding Car Hire also possesses cars that are from all eras and important manufacturers. The cars are from all top brand models and in a premium condition that will not disappoint you or cause inconveniences.

Find Wedding Car Hire of your Dreams

Now we will discuss the list of cars that you can use on your wedding day for transportation and make it more memorable.

Classic Wedding Cars

These vehicles can convert any wedding into a fairy tale because of its stylish and elegant design and fewer features. Simplicity is one of the nice features of these cars. These are the best value cars, and you probably cannot go wrong with this car. If you are looking for the luxury versions of these cars, these will make all your dreams come true!

Modern Cars

In case you are not going for a dull and uninteresting wedding and decorating your wedding with different decorations and themes to give it a modern touch how a car can stop you from setting the cherry on the cake? These cars are a combination of elegance with cutting-edge style and technology so that it will wow you with its functions on your luxurious ride.


Limousines are modern-day vehicles with a traditional twist. The phrase itself has come to be synonymous with luxury and modernity. This vehicle is capable of retaining your whole bridal celebration and can be the area in which the wedding celebration started earlier than your reception. There is more special than having a bottle of champagne together with your closest buddies after the wedding.