costume jewelry necklaces

The costume jewelry necklaces gives a crucial look to you when you are dressing up. The beautiful necklace makes your look gorgeous and beautiful. If you wear plain dress then chunky pearls and stones necklaces gives you an elegant look. You can wear it according to your neck size and choice. Because it is a natural thing that everyone’s neck size is not created in equal size. Everyone has their own neck size according to their physic. That is why professional designers make the necklaces in hundreds of different designs. So you can choose it according to your need and choice.

Types of costume jewelry necklaces:

Choker necklaces:

This necklace is made up of different material like gold, velvet and ribbon. These are like a neck huggers because they are only 16 inches of length and sit very high on the neck or just below the collarbone. When the garments you wear have lower neckline then chokers looks very great. Some chokers are made up with antique material and some have the design in which the entire neck fill with stones, diamond and pearls.

The main benefit of choker is that you can wear it with the pair of long pendant and locket set.

Princess necklaces:

The prince length necklaces has 18 inches length. It is the most universal and flattering length and a focal piece usually rest right below the collar bones. The length of prince necklaces is longer but shorter than a matinee necklace. Its look is very beautiful and you can pair it with other type of necklace.

Matinee necklaces:

It is the great choice for jewelry and they are longer than the princess and shorter than the opera necklaces. They fall between the collarbone and the center of the bust. Its average length is almost 22 inches and they look best with a high necklines.


it is similar to the choker necklaces but something is different ion it. it has thick material and available in 14 inches. Thick color necklaces is the best choice when worn without other necklaces. Moreover, Collar necklaces sit flush against the skin and rest directly above the collarbone.

Opera necklaces:

So it is the long length of necklace which are almost 30 inches. You can wear it in different styles. Some of the opera necklaces reach to the belly button and can wear with some small choker and collar necklaces. The opera necklaces is create a vintage look for a cocktail party. Or wear it with the casual outfit to create a versatile look of you.