High Quality Bespoke Wooden Sash Windows in UK

Wooden sash windows

There is no doubt in the importance of a window. You can’t ignore the fact that window is a vital part of any home or even room. Our company brings you wooden sash windows that are surely a great addition to your home.We all agree on the fact that window is multi-purpose. It is used for letting in light and fresh air put also for keeping away the dust and rain. Every room requires a window. Moreover, we are determined to bring you the best quality and excellent designs of windows. As the time passes, windows are evolving and improving. We, here at Sash factory, keep on playing with ideas and keep up with the new trends as well.


  1. We can’t emphasize enough on getting a good window that complements your room; after all, a window has a major impact on the look of the room.
  2. Our professional designers give such gorgeous designs that vary a lot from each other. So, you don’t have to worry about the work being similar to the previous one. In fact, the hard work of our experienced carpenter also shines through.
  3. The huge range of wooden windows goes from different shapes and sizes to different materials and themes.
  4. We have ceiling lens, awning windows, casement windows, arched windows, single and double hung windows, etc; each one of them giving a unique look and theme to your room.

Wooden sash windows


A treat for the exterior and interior of your house; it is a magnificent addition. In architectural terms, our windows are an excellent feature. These well-crafted pieces of windows are exotic and exquisite. Surely, the wood used in our wooden sash windows is of the top quality. We have a lot of variety in our woods but we guarantee you that each one of it is absolutely pure and authentic.

The difference of each wood gives a variation in the color and texture of our windows as well. The wood we use is waterproof and very durable of course. We guarantee you that they will stick to you for a very long time. The finishing on our windows makes it very smooth and gives off shine, which is not easy to get on a pure wood. Similarly, this finesse and neatness makes our product that more appealing to the eye.

These gorgeous windows provide the beauty as well as the functionality that you expect from a window to offer. Additionally, all our windows are environment and customer friendly and have all the qualities that you look for in a window. It takes a lot of efforts and a lot of processes to attain this perfection. The devotion and dedication of our workers is of no match for employees of other companies; they are fully determined and committed to give you the perfect window. Their workmanship is extraordinary.


Every window that we have sold and fixed up till now has had no issues at all. We are so sincere and true to our job and customers that we don’t let any faulty or defected pieces proceed and get to you. We are proud to make such products that can withstand any weather conditions. What you get, is the ultimate perfected piece that undergoes a bunch of processes just to make sure that it is up to our standards.

Our primary goal is to satisfy the customer and make them happy with our services. We take care of every little thing and avoid anything that they might not like. Our relationship with the customers is based on trust and effective communication. Consequently, our extraordinary feedback and record is flawless. We are an open book for our customers and can surely show and ensure them that our windows are of the highest quality and the most suitable for you.

On top of that, we have brought you such reasonable prices that anyone can affordable it with ease. Most of all, our competitive prices are unmatchable by any other company. We make sure that we only have the qualities and convenience that you are looking for. In fact, we promise to make the best windows for you and exceed your expectations. And we are not just claims and unreachable goals, we do what we promise.

So get the best wooden sash windows for your home now! And it will add to the value of it and give it a brighter and fresher addition.