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Did you know, according to the scientific research we spend one-third of our lives in our beds? They also claimed that if you sleep well, the chances are high that you live longer. This concludes that your bed is one of the essential objects in your life on which you snuggle yourself and forget about the world. Also, we shed a pound of dead skin cells which gets accumulated on the mattress making it an ideal haven for the dust mites. So it becomes necessary for you to buy the right size and type of bed and properly maintain it. Also, the experts recommend getting your mattress replaced after every seven years and if you have not, then visit your nearest bed shop in Edinburgh and buy a new one. Following are few tips that will guide you in making the right decision when buying a new bed.

Invest sensibly

Your bed is a one-time investment that will last you for approximately seven years. So invest in your bed wisely. If you can afford, do not hesitate in spending on it.

Give time

Give the considerable amount of time when shopping for a bed. Get expert advice and lie on the bed that catches your attention for at least 10 min. Try it in your usual sleeping position and then toss and turn. This will make sure that your bed is right for your body and will give you a good night sleep. Professional bed shops will allow you to take this hand on experience.

Give priority to comfort

It is in our human nature that we get attracted to the appearance of the beds and neglect its comfort level. In case of furniture this rule can apply, but in buying of the bed, you should avoid it. So always give comfort a priority than the physical appearance.

Soft touch

When it comes to mattresses, hard is not the best option. A thumb of rule is a bed should be hard enough to offer support but soft enough to align with the curve of your body. Your hip and shoulders should dip into the mattress.

Appropriate size

Measure the relevant space where you are going to place your bed. There should be enough space available for you to walk comfortably or to put your side tables and lamps. Your cupboard should get opened easily. These factors are essential to consider when going to bed shopping.

Go with your partner

If you have a partner, then it becomes necessary that you take him/her with you for shopping. It is imperative that you both feel comfortable in the particular bed. If you go out alone, the chance is higher than your partner does not like the feel of the bed and will toss and turn whole night disturbing your sleep. So do not rush into the buying of the bed alone ask your partner opinion as well.

Ask questions

Moreover, make sure to ask fundamental questions from the company when you are buying a bed. Will they provide free delivery? Will they help you in discarding your old bed? What will they charge for that? If they cannot will they be able to offer expert advice?


To keep your bed in good condition, remember to flip your mattress every week for the first three months. After that do it after every few months.

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