T-shirt printing makes your ordinary shirt more stylish and beautiful. There are different types of t-shirt printing such as direct to garment DTG printing, sublimation printing, CAD cut vinyl printing, transfer paper method, and screen printing. Screen printing in Coventry one of the most preferred t-shirt printing method. Screen printing is a way of printing images by forcing ink through a squeegee on fabric, leather, paper or t-shirt. This printing technique widely used all over the world.

There are two main types of screens that used for screen printing in Coventry.

  • Temporal screens
  • Permanent screens

Temporal screens:

Temporal screens are not durable, it lasts for a shorter period of time. They are suitable for single print on clothes and papers. They do not require a lot of money and effort, they are easy to prepare. There are some examples of temporal printing are paper stencils screens and candle wax screens.

Permanent screens:

Permanent screens are long lasting if properly cared. They can be used in multiple prints. Their preparation is very difficult it is very costly and need effort. Examples of permanent screens are photographic screens, lacquer screens, and shellac screens.

Paper stencils are similar to the stencils preparation, it involves the transfers of the finished design onto the paper. This is attached to the stretched screen with the aid of masking tape.

In preparation for wax printing the material used is molten wax, shellac or lacquer. The design is transferred onto the stretched screen block. With the aid of a brush, apply the molten wax or thinned shellac to block the negative areas of the design. Lacquered screens are durable and more reasonable in terms of quality. They are very good and simple.

Photographic printing involves the use of light for bringing out the design onto the screen. The source of the light can be natural or artificial.  The screen has to be coated in the darkroom with a solution of photo emulsion with a sensitizer. The screen is placed into the darkroom for dry.

There are some important tips while printing must notice:

Correct placement of screens:

Make sure the position of the material that you want to print is correct. If the screen is wrongly placed it would result in wrong registration of design at the fabric.

Appropriate pressure on the squeegee:

The pressure on the squeegee is must be moderate. Because if the pressure is not equal, some areas of the screen will not be print, if a lot of pressure exerted on screen. It will result in blurring of design. Therefore, the pressure must be equal not too light or neither too much.

Instant washing of screen:

The screen used for printing should be washed immediately after printing. Wash the screen with soapy or warm water and foam to remove all ink residues. Screen printing is more cost effective than digital print. With screen printing, the printer has to change the color and stencils for creating a new design. Screen printing in Coventry becomes more popular because of its durability.  You can search online for different printing companies, hire only a company that is reliable and offer low rates with high quality.

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