Some harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy period


If a woman has a habit of drinking and smoking until her point of pregnancy, then she should skip it for the best of her new born kid. Smoking is harmful for every normal and pregnant woman. It is important to stop it, immediately. Many women are worried that they consumed a lot or a few alcoholic drinks, prior to learning that they are pregnant. In this condition, it is best to quit it and immediately talk with a professional healthcare provider. Chances are there that everything will be fine, as long any pregnant woman stop it at the initial stage. At this point of time, woman is not recommended to smoke or drink a safe limit of alcohol. This will be consumed during pregnancy. That’s why it is best for every woman to avoid alcohol all together.

Effects of smoking during pregnancy are harmful for the woman and the baby. Smoking is equally as harmful as the drinking. Every future mother should keep it in her mind during the period of pregnancy. It can badly affect the fetus of your unborn child. At the same time, it contributes to the birth defects or even respiratory issues in later life. You should understand that your baby will receive less oxygen, when you smoke. The normal oxygen ratio will reduce during smoking session. This is the major cause of less growth that might be high in the normal conditions. According to the research of health care experts and doctors, this may also contribute to the preterm labor. In most cases, it form the complications and can be potentially a life threat for your child or infant.


If you are pregnant and a smoker, then immediately consult with your doctor or health care provider. Be sure to consult before any issue arise. You should understand your condition before anything goes in the wrong direction. Your doctor or healthcare provider will work with you and develop a plan for you to quit it. This is easily manageable and this is something that you should learn during your pregnancy. Make sure, these tips are important for both mother and baby. There are a number of support groups available for the mothers, who are constantly helping them to quit smoking during and after the pregnancy. Remember, the sooner you will quit smoking, the sooner you will start providing your unborn child a healthy life. These methods are available with the best possible outcomes. You should realize that it is essential for the healthy as well as the safe delivery of the unborn’s later life.

Smoking is not only responsible for the lung or heart diseases of the mother and unborn, but also damaging for many other reasons. It causes an ailment, which people might not be aware of. More than 10 U.S. citizens have died prematurely just due to the negative effects of cigarette. Smoking is more destructive than all the wars fought between the countries in history.


There are some diseases that are the causes of smoking. One of the major causes of smoking is Hip fractures. Smoking too dangerous for the bones and it is often responsible for the brittle bones. That’s why smokers are always at a high risk of suffering from the lower bone mineral density. In comparison with the non-smokers, this ratio is more common in smokers. This issue might trigger the fractures in the vital joints such as hips. In addition to this, prolonged smoking can also increase the fracture risk during the old age and also during osteoporosis. Also, effects of smoking during pregnancy causes the bones to become more weak and brittle.