Every smoker should understand, how to quit smoking


Within a group of smokers, there might be one person who is fed up of this habit and quit first. Everyone who is surrounded by a number of smokers can face this challenging task. The final decision to quit can be a hard task because returning to your old smoking friends means you will difficulty to carry on with it. Such friends’ circle can make your decision a lot harder. Believe me, the act of quitting tobacco is no harder or easier. But if you are a part of a group, then you have to consult a therapist. It is important for the therapist to have a knowledge about your friends. This way, he or she can include the suggestions and you will be able to remain a non smoker. Even if you are surrounded by the smokers, it will help you stay away from smoking. Never lose hope, even if blow smoke is coming to your face.

In all the above mentioned situations, a person wants to know, how to quit smoking? One need to be well-aware that some of his or her friends will support you. They might be waiting to see, what to do before following in your steps. Other might be giving you a hard time and make it tricky for you by teasing with the cigarettes. This will be disturbing and annoying, but you should not lose your hope and carry on with the determination to be remain a non-smoker. There may be a small number of people in your life, who are actively trying to sabotage you. Never follow them, as they might jealous with you and see your success or road to recovery as their failure. All they are trying is bringing you back to the smokers group. You should beware of these people, because they are not loyal and do not you’re your interests in their mind.


After quitting this habit, you will be aware that you are a different person in terms of both health and personality. Everyone wants to keep socializing. That doesn’t mean, you can prepare yourself to be part of the smoking group at bars and at the private places. Initially this will be tricky for you and you need to ask your closed ones for their support. This will help you get rid of any smoking habit, if you choose to remain in the restaurant or bar during the day and night. The request of support in this period will help you sort out the true friends from the smoking buddies. Usually, the chain smokers have cigarettes all the time and this is not common in everyone’s personality. Some of them are just part time smokers. You should advise them to skip this habit, even on occasions.


Being surrounded by a number of smokers means you are facing a tough or big test. But once you have passed the test, you will be able to get rid of any issue and resolve the things. A healthy person understands that living with the smokers is too hard as we expect. If your friends smoke outside, then it won’t be difficult or too hard for us to enjoy their company. But if they are doing it inside, then you might find it more sensitive to your body. Stink of smoke is hard to bear. Whether, it is your hair or clothes, no one would be happy with his or her home being filled with the smoke.

Keep yourself healthy and understand, how to quit smoking. Just do it for your health and never risk your life with this life threatening habit.