T-shirt printing is a great way of expressing your ideas with t-shirts. T-shirt printing becoming more popular with the time. They could be used for spread message and fashion trend. There are different types of printing techniques that used for print a design on t-shirts and other items like caps, bags and many more. DTG printing companies in Nottingham provide best printing t-shirts according to your taste and choice.

Direct to garment printing is a new technique which allows color printing on a direct garment without using any screen. This printing technique is used for printing on both dark and light color fabric. This used for a wide range of shirts like sports shirts, business employee’s shirts, and birthday parties shirts. It produces vibrant, multicolored and durable prints on fabric and non-textile items.

An ink jet printer used for this printing, a tray holds a platen and t-shirt placed on it and it moves under the printing head and produced a full colored print on the shirt. Cotton is the most suitable fabric for it because cotton is soft and comfortable. The white color is more preferable because the color print looks more beautiful on the white color shirt. When a business company arranges a business party or a meeting and they want to wear their employee’s same design shirt with the company logo, they choose this printing technique because it is durable and cheap.

When you want to sport a cricket or a football team, you can print your favorite player name or picture on your shirt and sport him. You can also gift the shirt to your friends or loved ones for expressing your love. You can make your own design or choose a design that company provides a sample.

There are plenty of DTG printing companies in Nottingham that offer best printing shirts at affordable rates. They provide their customers with some benefits.

  • Can be used on white or dark color fabric
  • No need to screen
  • Speed printing
  • Artwork available
  • Best quality printing

Use a single head machine for best printing quality. Maintain the cleaning and repairing of the machine properly once a week. Customer mostly demands prints for some specific events including in.

Charity events, corporate events, hen and stag night parties, promotional events, sports tours, birthday parties, business parties or meetings, and as a gift. If you want to print these types of shirt in large quantity, it must be less expensive. But if you desire a single or two shirts it may be cost effective. There are different types of printer used for this purpose such as DTG printers, Brother GT-782, and the Kornit breeze.

In this printing technique, there is no need to change the screen for different colors it prints the design on direct the fabric. There is no limitation of color and designs. This whole process is done in minutes rather than hours. It is durable and long-lasting and cannot fade while washing. Search for the DTG printing companies in Nottingham and place your order. They deliver your order within the minimum time period.


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