Custom Boxes wholesale

Few people have a habit of storing things. When we talk about the custom boxes wholesale, it is a good value for your money. Is it simply not good to throw away these things? Most of the packaging is so beautiful, that’s why people keep them safe. Some people think that it is a disorder that’s why people react like that.

Now, as a businessman, you also want to create such type of emotions in other people related to your brand or company. The customers who buy your products should have affection with your product after opening it. For this purpose, you may contact the Best custom boxes Wholesale companies that provide the best services in this regard. These custom boxes customized for the simple bags to the high-quality fabric bags even they are also used for the government products. You may customize these boxes according to your requirements.

Most of the people just use ‘box’ instead of custom packaging because they think that only a box without any unique design, brand or company logo is enough for the packaging purpose. But you need to know that a custom packaging box should have a unique and relevant design with the addition of a company icon is essential. Many companies also give some more description about their brand other than company name or logo.

Here I’m going to describe three major types of custom packaging boxes printing:

1-    Flexographic Printing:

Flexographic printing acts like a huge rubber stamp. Your custom packaging design details are stamped on the printing plate. Afterward, it stamped on the box with the help of an ink pad that pick-up the ink. This is the cheap way of printing than any other way.

2-    Digital Printing:

Digital printing is used to print the small-sized and is like the laser jet printer that is normally used at homes to print the papers. The working procedure of this type of printer is simple than the flexographic printing. It directly applies the color and design on the box and ink mixes with it.

3-    Litho-Label Printing:

Litho-Label type of printing is like the lithography, but it provides a clean, high-quality resolution printing. In this type of printing, first, the design is printed on the separate paper then it cut and paste on the required box with a glue or an adhesive.

These are the three common types of box printing but these boxes are not different only by printing design but these also different in sizes. Normally these come in below-mentioned sizes with their customization at different places:

  • 5-13/16” X 5-3/4” X 1-15/16”

This size of boxes usually used for the small sized items like jewelry, small toys, food items etc.

  • 7” X 7-1/8” X 2-1/

An ideal size for the pharmaceuticals and packaging for shipping items and all other this type of goods

  • 9” X 6-1/2” X 2-3/4”

Boxes of this size are used for all types of subscription boxes. All other small boxes can be fit in this size and act like a pack of a certain item. Nowadays, this size is very popular in the market.

  • 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4”

Our new boxes of this size are very popular in the market because these are used for shipping of huge items like snack foods and every type of small items in wholesale quantity.

Custom Boxes Wholesale are usually available for eco-friendly and renewable materials; so that these boxes may recycle after their waste. Tissue papers, ribbons, bow and another type of trimmings are also used to enhance the attraction of boxes. This will attract the customers more and every businessman want to enhance their business and get more opportunities. In this regard, a perfect design of custom boxes helps you in getting the business in the market.