apartment. Finding a new apartment and relocating is exciting but you have to tackle move out cleaning which is exhausting. Hence, it is necessary if you want your full deposit back. Apartment cleaning in Berkshire is not a fun thing to do as it can drain your energy completely. But with the following cleaning tips, you can make your cleaning easier.

Move Our Cleaning Plan

Making a cleaning plan will help you in managing the cleaning process properly. Set a time and date when you will start cleaning your apartment so that you leave your apartment in sparkling condition. Also, include when your landlord will do a walkthrough and give your deposit back. Landlords can become quite fussy about the cleaning and if they find a single spot damaged or not cleaned properly you are in trouble. So give yourself an ample time to thoroughly clean your apartment and making a plan can help you in this regard.

Check Your Lease

Some landlords strictly forbid the using of certain cleaning products. Your landlords know the building structure better than you so thinking about fooling him/her will not be a good idea. Also, you do not want to damage floors or pipes using the banned products. Otherwise, you will end up paying more than your deposit.

Careful about some Spots

Your landlord will be performing a thorough inspection of your apartment. He/she will closely inspect the areas that most individual forget to clean. Of course, they are in this business for quite some time and know their tenant’s weaknesses very well. In this case, you need to develop a checklist of the soft spots and mark them when you have cleaned them one by one. These areas are:

  • Upper shelves of closets and cabinets
    • Faucets both of kitchen and bathroom
    • ceiling fans, windowsills, and baseboards
    • magnetic strip both in the freezer and fridge
    • washers and dryers
    • porches and steps

Carpet Cleaning

Do not forget to clean your carpet. Since you moved in, they have experienced a lot of thrashing and beating. So do your best to remove the stains and dust. But if you are afraid of damaging the carpet, then you have the option of hiring a specialist cleaning company.

Final Look Around

Give a final look around your apartment to make sure you are leaving anything behind, and everything is in perfect condition. If you find dust or dirt left, then grab your broom and sweep it up.

House cleaning services Surrey is not easy especially when you have a lot of stuff to pack, and there is no time for thorough cleaning. At this point, it is always best to hire a professional cleaning company services. By hiring the cleaning company, you will be sure that you will get your deposit back. These services, in reality, are much cheaper than you think.

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