Block drains a common problem that we see in many homes and buildings. People are usually found complaining about this adverse issue and trying to solve it using various methods. The reasons for the Block drains in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire are often the same and due to our negligence it happens. Avoiding these problems is not a great deal you can prevent it by following specific steps and also tackle it after it has occurred.

How to prevent a blocked drainage problem in your home?

  • Firstly, check for open pipes and ensure nothing is falling into them like leaves, dirt or any other item that can be the reason for the blockage. Furthermore, always cover your open pipes when having renovations, so you avoid getting debris into it and open them after the upgrades are done.
  • People believe that hairs are harmless and do not cause a blockage. Well, it may seem like, but it is not the actual case. When hair gets accumulated, it becomes a big ball that gets tangled around other debris, and together they block your pipes. So never leave your hair at drains or sinks.
  • Avoid flushing sanitary napkins, nappies or even baby wipes down the toilet.
  • Sink strainers in the kitchen should always be used.
  • Avoid putting food scraps or oily and greasy substances down the drains. They are the primary culprits of the blocked drains.

How to tackle Block drains in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire?

However, if you are facing the block drain issue then here some tips that you can follow.

  • If your toilet or kitchen sink is blocked, then hiring a plumber is the best solution for block drains in Buckinghamshire that you could use. However, it won’t work if you are facing severe blockage issue.
  • If the blockage has occurred in the curved pipes, then the snake plunger which is a steel cable can be used to unblock it.
  • Another incredible solution is to use high-pressure water jets that will clear the blockage and won’t cause any damage to the pipes.
  • You can also use drain cleaners, especially in the kitchen sinks.
  • A rod can be used to get rid of roots, twigs, leaves and other objects that have bundle up.

In the end, it is suggested to prevent these problems you need to have your pipes regularly checked to stop them from happening again. It will save you from the trouble of calling emergency plumbers and paying them to get the problem fixed. You do not want to face the nasty situation of waste oozing out of your drains. Also, if it is not taken care of properly, then it can cause serious health problems.

Moreover, if you fail and cannot take care of the Block drains in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire then contact Clearway Plumbing. Their professional plumbers will reach your place in no time and solve all of your drainage issues. Also, it is always recommended that whenever you face such problems do not show dillydallying and hire the plumber immediately because if you do, then you will make the issue more complicated and challenging to solve.