Block drains and lining repair in berkshire


In ancient time, there was no proper concept of the drainage system; people use to throw their waste on the streets. But with the passage of time, the concept of drains came into being. The main purpose of this drainage system is to transport or dispose of the waste water outside to sewerage system. And this has become an essential component of the house, without it, your house will be incomplete. Whenever you are building your new house or moving into another house, you want to make sure that new pipes are installed perfectly or the existing ones are in good condition.

Recently, the problem of blocked drains has increased rapidly. The reasons for it can be that something heavy is flushed out of the toilets; something gets stuck inside the drain pipes like food or leaves and last but not the least pipes are old and rusty. This problem can be very nasty and if you do not solve it immediately you will have foul smell inside your house. Most of the time people try to solve this problem on their own, just to save cost, but the solution is not permanent and will arise eventually after some time. You need a permanent solution for this problem and only a professional can help you in this regard. And one company provides the service to unblock block drains in Buckinghamshire and also of drain lining repair in Berkshire

Block drain

Our company, clear away plumbing and drains Ltd, has all the solutions to your problems. We are an experienced company and our reputation in providing excellent services to our customers is a proof of that. We have an experienced and qualified team that will make sure that your drains are unclogged perfectly. Our customers are very important to us and to satisfy them is our main purpose. The services that we provide to our customers are installation and maintenance of drain pipes, fixing of the leakage pipes, unblocking of the blocked drains, testing of the already installed pipes, and removing any trees, logs, and roots. We have a team that is experienced and trained in providing all these services. They will take all of your stress and frustration away and make it their own. They will not settle down until or unless they have solved your main problem. Our team will also make sure that your house is left clean after they are done with their job. We provide service to unblock block drains in Buckinghamshire and about drain lining repair in Berkshire.

Block Drains

In order to unblock your block drains, first, we use a special type of chemicals that will be poured into you drains. If this solution does not work than we use small electrical machines that will clean your drain pipes connected to sinks, washing machines, basins, and toilets. We also use huge jetting machines for the removal of soil stacks, trees, and logs, which is underground. The drain pipes are installed after checking the diameter of your house and we will make sure that the drains are fitted perfectly.

Drain Lining

Digging out and installing new pipes can be very tedious and hectic. Our company uses CCTV systems to get an idea of the type of damage and at what location it needs to be fixed. Our special machines will repair your drains without digging and we can dig up to 100mm in diameter. After finishing our job we will make sure that we have clean all the mess that we have created, so you do not have to worry about anything after that.

The prices that we charge to our customers depends upon how big or small the task is, we will also provide a full list of prices to our customers before we start doing anything. We cater all the people belonging to different sections of the society. We provide services of unclogging block drains in Buckinghamshire and drain lining repair in Berkshire. All of the technologies that we use in providing these services are of latest technology and also of high quality. Our increase in demand does not affect our performance and we will never waste your time and energy. We provide 24-hour service to our customers with a 30-day guarantee. Our customers can call us any time of the day and we will be there to help you. We won’t take rest until we have finished our job and satisfied our customers. We also provide special discounts to our loyal and valuable customers.