Undoubtedly, sofa set just not a part of the living room but also essential for many other places. Because it is a utility which not just make us comfortable while setting but also enhance the appearance of the particular room. In case of worn the sofa, you would like to buy a new one which is impressive and increase the functionality of your room OR when you make a plan to renovate living room you would ready to invest heavily to buy a sofa set. So that if you ready to spend on a sofa set which creates an impression and matches with an interior of your room consider buying a 3-SEATER FAUX LEATHER SOFA WITH MATCHING STOOL – CREAM OR BLACK. Do some research you would get to know about its the qualities and features. After buying this type of sofa you would not feel post-purchase dissonance which often people fell when they purchase a thing which not suits them. There are some qualities that a person looks into a sofa set while purchasing.

Fabric: faux leather sofa with matching stool is easy to wipe clean and maintain. Its matching footstool with polished metal legs gives a classic look. The fabric is one thing people give priority while buying a sofa set. Quality matters a lot while you buy a thing. It depends on your choice which fabric do you like but a leather couch sofa with a vintage look often people like which is easy to wipe clean. So that this is best quality sofa which fulfills the requirement of your room.


This is a second most important thing that people have a concern while purchasing a sofa set. Many sites like e-bay provide an opportunity to the customer where they can easily figure out what are the features of sofa set.  FAUX LEATHER SOFA available in the market with various feature like

  • 3 Seater Sofa
  • Matching stool
  • Polished and well-designed Metal legs
  • Faux leather upholstered
  • Minimal assembly required

Dimensions: Is another point which you need to take into account while purchasing a sofa set. Often people not accurately measure the place where the sofa set they have to place. By which they face many problems. sizes are also mentioned on the online shopping site. A well-reputed site like e-bay seller accurately mentions the size of the sofa set.  FAUX LEATHER SOFA dimensions are

  • Sofa Dimensions: Length 195cm x Depth 81cm x Height 75cm
  • Seat Height: 40cm
  • Footstool Dimensions: Length 57cm x Depth 56cm x Height 40cm

Colour and design: Color and design of sofa set are also most essential aspect take into account.  FAUX LEATHER SOFA in cream and black color give outstanding look and match with any kind of interior of the room. You need to consider 3-SEATER FAUX LEATHER SOFA WITH MATCHING STOOL – CREAM OR BLACK.

Protection and comfort: we buy a sofa set which provides protection and comfort while setting. A high-quality sofa set made with best-equipped material depends on what type of fabric it has. FAUX LEATHER SOFA considers protected from wear, tear, and fading.

Material and springs:  the sofa set last longer if it made with a high quality of material which provides comfort and amazing shape which enhance the versatility of the room. it is suggested that buy a sofa set that has tight and secure springs that offer durability. Buy a FAUX LEATHER SOFA set you would be satisfied with its design and durability.